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Messina Modules are a series of facilitation guides and resource documents designed by Loyola departments and offices for use in Messina and Loyola 101 enrichment sessions.  Modules provide instructor teams engaging activities and up-to-date information regarding a variety of first-year transition issues.  To view the modules, click on a title listed below and enter your Loyola username and password.  You will be directed to the Messina Share Point site where you will find all documents related to the module you requested. 

If you do not have a Loyola username and password, please call or e-mail the contact person listed next to each module for access to the resources. 

If your office would like to create a new module, or if you have ideas for future modules, please contact Mary Ellen Wade, Associate Director of Messina at 410-617-2225.



Academic Integrity Honor Council Mark Lee, 410-617-2353 Students will gain familiarity with the Honor Code and the Honor Council, and be able to articulate why these exist at Loyola. Students will be able to identify honor code violations and learn which have been the most common in our community.


Baltimore 101: Getting Around Baltimore  Messina Michael Puma,
Introduces students to basic geography of Baltimore and resources that help them to navigate and experience the city. 


Common Text Facilitation Guide Messina Doug Harris, 410-617-2227 Includes Common Text discussion day conversation starters, lesson plans, primary sources, links to video and music clips, a bibliography of additional resources, various interviews with Toni Morrison and assessment tools. 


Communication Styles Counseling Center Sally Mays,
First-Year students will be able to identify their predominant communication/problem-solving style and consider benefits and drawbacks of that style. Students will learn about cultural differences in communication/problem-solving style. Students will interact with others with diverse styles in considering common first-year interpersonal challenges. Students will identify areas of future growth.


Finding Grace in All Things: A Reflection Activity Messina Mary Ellen Wade,
This is a personal reflection activity for students to spend time recognizing the daily moments of grace they experience personally and provide for others. Students will leave with a memento to remind them of the grace in their lives. This is a good activity to do during stressful periods in the first year, or a tool before a separate enrichment session on discernment.

 Fall or Spring

Housing: Deciding What I Value Student Life Purvi Patel, 410-617-2884 Students will be able to identify a value that important to them as an individual as they move forward in Student Life’s housing selection process.

(most appropriate in late January/ early February)

How to Interact With People on the Street CCSJ Kate Figiel, 410-617-2909 Knowing how to interact with people on the street is relevant to first year students because they are transitioning into a new identity in a college community and they need to begin to identify as part of a larger community in Baltimore. In this module, students will be able to identify their initial preconceptions about people experiencing homelessness.  Students will develop a response to utilize when encountering those living on the streets.

 Fall or Spring

Ignatian Spirituality and the Examen  Messina Mary Ellen Wade,
This module will introduce the Examen to your students and will provide a practical opportunity to engage in a reflection using the components of the spiritual Examen.  Early to Mid-Fall, could be adapted for Spring use
Information Literacy Messina Mary Ellen Wade,
This technology-based activity provides students with a range of tools they can use for evaluating online sources while establishing a deep understanding of the difference between a general and a scholarly source.


Introduction to the Academy Messina Mary Ellen Wade,  
First-Year students will be able better understand their transition from high school to college by addressing the qualitative differences between the two academic environments. They will explore the motivations of both teacher and student in the college classroom. The module introduces students to the methodologies and goals of academia while underlining academic integrity as a personal responsibility with significant personal, institutional, and historical repercussions. Students will create a sense of community in the seminar based on shared experience.


 Leadership Student Engagement Hope Supernault,
Students will be able to begin thinking about their definition of leadership, discuss the interrelation of Jesuit values and leadership and introduce students to leadership development opportunity.


Looking Ahead to Sophomore Year Student Engagement Chris Nicholas,
First-Year students will be able to articulate the impact of their first year experience at Loyola and describe their ideal sophomore year. Students will then be able to identify steps they can put into action.

 Spring (Great for April!)

Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership Survey Student Engagement Hope Supernault,
Students will have structured time to participate in a national survey on leadership that will provide invaluable feedback for our university on how our students think about leadership and how we can better support them as leaders. Students will be able to debrief the experience and have more awareness around the importance of assessment and self-reflection.

 Spring (Between Feb. 1-26)

Outdoor Adventure Experiences Recreational Sports Kristin Newland, 410-617-5701 OAE works with classes to offer day hikes, teambuilding, and private sessions at the FAC climbing wall.  Preference is given to requests received at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester.

Fall or Spring

Stress Management Counseling Center Jason Parcover,
First-Year students will be able to learn ways to recognize when their experiencing stress and identify and implement healthy ways to manage stress effectively. In addition, students will be able to recognize the importance of integrating relaxation activities into your lifestyle.


Study Abroad International Programs Tremaynne Parham,

Freshman year is not too soon to begin planning! Students will learn more about the study abroad process including timeline, program requirements, and things to consider when thinking about applying for a study abroad program.


Time Management: 168 The Study

Molly Fredette,

First-Year students will be able to develop and apply time management skills that to allow them to balance their academic studies with the other aspects of being involved in the Loyola community as they adjust and transition into their first year.


Understanding Diversity ALANA Cristina Garcia,
Students will be able to identify the differences between their visible and invisible identities. They will be able to articulate the dimensions of their personal identity and explore their identities via intercultural exchange.

Late Fall or Spring

Values Discernment Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion

Zack Hitchens,

First-Year students will be able to identify 5 values that are the most important to them. Students will reflect on how those values are lived out in their daily lives and in their decisions.


Writing Effective Resumes  The Career Center Andrea Ramsey, 410-617-2232  First-Year students will learn the essential components to include in a resume and have an opportunity to participate in an activity to critique a sample resume.

Late Fall or Early Spring