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Visionary Course Pairing

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Word and Art, Literature and the Artistic Vision (EN101.01V)

“Word and Art” explores some of the vibrant intersections between literature and art—literature inspired by art or the lives of artists, as well as visual art inspired by stories and poems.   Issues regarding aesthetics, creativity, and craft will inevitably arise in our discussions as we talk about what it means to create an artistic vision and to envision a world from a unique imaginative perspective.  The course fulfills the EN101 core requirement and therefore will include close reading, critical thinking, and analytical writing.

Faculty Biography

Gayla McGlamery received her B.A. from Baylor University and her Ph.D. from Emory.  Her teaching and research interests include Victorian literature and culture, the novel, literature and art, and film adaptations of nineteenth-century literature.  A former department chair and co-director of the Honors and Leuven Programs, she has served as advisor to first-year students for many years.

Survey of Art: Artistic Vision/The Artist as Visionary (AH111.01V)

This course surveys Western European art and architecture from the 15th to the 20th centuries.  Among the questions we will consider are: What inventions enabled Leonardo da Vinci to envision the Last Supper?  What led Michelangelo to envision the images on Sistine Ceiling?  In what ways did 19th century critics and writers aid Manet’s vision of modernity?  These and other questions will be addressed through slides, lectures, and discussions, and field trips to local museums and the National Gallery of Art.

Faculty Biography

Janet Headley (Ph.D. University of Maryland) is Professor of Art History in the Fine Arts Department.  She teaches the survey of Art History from Renaissance to Modern and upper-division courses in European and American Art from the 18th century to 1945.  Her research interests are in 19th century public monuments, art  patronage, and art collecting.

Mentor Biography

Tim Cherney joined the Loyola Student Life team in 2007 as an Assistant Director of the Charleston Area and then the Gardens Area. Currently, Tim is the Associate Director of Student Life for Student and Staff Development. In that role, he oversees training and development of the professional and student staff, residential programming initiatives, the peer education program, assessment projects, and social justice initiatives for the office. Tim also serves on the exec board of the Maryland College Personnel Association and has been a member of the American College Personnel Association since 2007. Tim received his M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University, and his B.A. in English from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. It was at JCU that Tim first experienced cura personalis, and his love for Jesuit education has remained strong since.

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