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Questions and Answers about the GSO Holiday Party 2013

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Questions and Answers

1.  What does the admission fee for this event include?

The admission fee of $10 includes entry into the Power Plant Live plaza, VIP access into Mosaic, cocktail specials, and access to the GSO’s reserved table. If you still need to pay, click here for our secure payment site.

2.  Where can I park for this event?

Valet parking, offered by Power Plant Live, is available at the main entrance for $12. Parking is also available in nearby parking garages or areas with parking meters. Pier 5 Garage offers validated parking at PowerPlant between 7-10pm.

Please refer to this map as a guide: http://www.powerplantlive.com/index.cfm?page=map.

3.  If I requested to carpool with the GSO officers, how will I be contacted?

You will be emailed directly by a GSO Officer the week of the event. The carpool vehicles will depart from the Motor Pool parking lot, located at 5104 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21210. 

4.  What time will the GSO carpool vehicles be leaving Motor Pool?

There will be two departure times: 8:30pm and 9:15pm. The vehicle that leaves Motor Pool at 8:30pm will depart from Mosaic at 1:00am. The vehicle that leaves Motor Pool at 9:15pm will depart from Mosaic at 1:30am. Please be mindful of these fixed departure times. 

5.  Will I have to wait in line when I arrive to Power Plant Live?

No! Upon arriving to Power Plant Live, walk to the front of the line and inform the security personnel that you are a part of a party that has a table reservation at Mosaic. The reservation is listed under the name ‘Loyola GSO’. 

6.  Is there a cost to get into the Power Plant Live plaza?

Entry into the plaza on the night of this event will be no cost to you!

7.  Will I have to wait in line before entering Mosaic Nightclub and Lounge?

Nope! Once you arrive to Mosaic, inform the security personnel that you are part of the ‘Loyola GSO’ party. You will then be given club access via the VIP entrance.

8.  Is there a dress code?

Yes. The dress code at Mosaic is ‘Dress to Impress’. The following clothing items are not permitted: Baggy/tattered clothing, hats, jean shorts, jerseys, sleeveless shirts, boots, and worn or old tennis shoes. 

9.  Can I arrive late to this event?

Yes.  However, you must arrive no later than 10:45pm in order redeem the full benefits afforded to us at this event. 

10.  Will there be alcoholic beverages available at the GSO table? 

Yes. At the GSO table there will be bottles of premium liquor, as well as mixers. You may purchase drinks at the bar using the wristbands for drink specials.

11.  What are the cocktail specials?

The cocktail specials are available from 9:00-11:00pm on the night of this event. They include $3 domestic draft beers, $3 rail drinks, and $4 call drinks. You must be inside of Mosaic by 10:45pm in order to partake in the cocktail specials. 

12.  Will there be a place to put my belongings?

Yes. Mosaic offers a coat check service (don’t forget to tip!). You may also place your belongings at the GSO table, but please do not leave them unattended. 

13.  Can I purchase drinks at the GSO table?

Please purchase all drinks at the bar using your wristband special. You will need to open your own tab to do so. All individual tabs must be settled before the end of the evening.

14.  If I did not register or pre-pay online, can I still attend this event?

If you were unable to register or pre-pay online, you will not be able to redeem the benefits afforded to the GSO for this event, including free admission, access to the GSO table, etc. However, you are more than welcome to meet our party at Mosaic. 

15.  Will I have an unfathomable amount of fun with my fellow graduate students (before having to re-direct all my efforts back to school and the approaching final examinations)??