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GSO Holiday Party FAQ 2016

Questions and Answers

1.  What does the admission fee for this event include?

The cost to attend this event is $10, and must be pre-paid via our payment website. The admission fee includes a buffet of food catered by the Tavern, reserved seating for the group, and some exciting GSO giveaways!

2. Can I bring guests who are not Loyola students to this event?

Yes. Students are welcome to bring guests to this event. The cost is the same for both guests and students --$10 paid via our payment site.

3.  If I did not register or pre-pay online, can I still attend this event?

Unfortunately, we can only admit students/guests who have prepaid online. The Tavern required that we provide a final head count prior to the date of the event; therefore, we are unable to take walk-ins or last minute registrants.

4.  Can I arrive late to this event?

Yes. The event starts at 7:30PM, but students are welcome to arrive at a later time as long as they have prepaid online.

5.  Where can I park?

There is parking along the side of the street. There is also free parking at the light rail station located on the intersection of Newbury Street and Smith Avenue (one block away).

6. Where can I find our group?

We will be in a semi-private room located upstairs at the far end of the Sky Bar. Keep an eye out for our GSO banner!

7. Who will be in the group?

Everyone attending will be either a Loyola graduate student or a guest of a graduate student. It will be a great opportunity to mingle with your peers!

8.  Do I have to wear an Ugly Sweater?

No, you are not required to wear an ugly sweater in order to attend this event. The Ugly Sweater is simply a theme for this year's Holiday Party. However, there will be an ugly sweater contest!

9.  Can we order drinks? 

Our semi-private room is right in front of the bar. Although drinks are not included in the registration cost, students/guests may order their own drinks at the bar.

10.  What is the food set-up?

Mt. Washington Tavern will be catering food for the entire group. Bring your appetite, because we will have a whole buffet of options!

11.  What if I want additional food that is not on the buffet menu?

Students/guests may purchase additional orders, but will be responsible for the payment of such orders.

12.  Will I have an unfathomable amount of fun with my fellow graduate students (before having to re-direct all my efforts back to school and the approaching final examinations)?? 

Of course! 

13. Who do I contact if I have any additional questions?

Please email the GSO if you have any additional questions at gso@loyola.edu