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The Mothers' Room

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The Mothers' Room was established to support working families at Loyola University Maryland. This room is a quiet, peaceful space to let breastfeeding mothers express the milk their infants need for healthy development.


Please respect all the families who need to use this room by:

  • Keeping the space clean and tidy,
  • Limiting use to lactation only,
  • Buying and bringing your own tubing and breast shields,
  • Displaying the privacy sign on the outside door handle while you are using the room, and
  • Remembering to place the privacy sign on the interior door handle when finished.

Access and Use

  • The Mothers' Room is located on the lower level of Jenkins Hall, room 016.
  • Nursing mothers may check out a key for three month periods by calling ext. 2345.
  • Once a key is obtained, nursing mothers may sign up for 20-minute intervals. The sign-up clip board is located in Jenkins 220. You may check on the availability of the room when you call to check out your key.
  • Baskets are available in the room to store reading materials, photos, etc.
  • A hospital-grade Ameda elite pump is in The Mothers' Room.
  • Each person using the pump must provide their own Hollister Ameda Elite packet of tubing and breast shields. This packet may be purchased for $25 by contacting Claire McCardell at ext. 1717.
  • The pump is set up so breast milk will not back up into the pump to maintain sanitary conditions.
  • It is the responsibility to further ensure the sanitation of the pump by cleaning the pump before and after use. Please also remove all tubing, shields, and milk from the room.
  • The employee is responsible for the proper storage of the milk.