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Graduate Assistantship Vacancy

Department Center for Community Service and Justice 

The Graduate Assistant for Service & Spirituality works within the context of the Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ) which engages students and the broader Loyola community in education through service for a just and equitable world.  This position will support the Last Sunday of the month meal program at Beans & Bread. This position will support the Encounter El Salvador program sponsored by CCSJ.  Finally, this position works with the Loyola delegation to the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice. Reports to the Assistant Director for Poverty Concerns and Faith Connections of the Center for Community Service and Justice.  9 month position (September to May, including some miscellaneous dates in August and December – see “Terms of Employment”), approximately 15 hours/week (240 hours/semester).

Hours & Wages

Terms of Employment:

  1. Must be enrolled as a graduate student at Loyola University, with preference given to students enrolled in the graduate programs in pastoral counseling and spiritual care.
  2. Period of employment: One (1) or two (2) academic years (not including    summer).
  3. Recipient will work approximately 15 hours per week each semester, or approximately 240 hours per semester (16 weeks total). Will include some evening and weekend hours.
  4. Must be available to attend some pieces of training scheduled for August 17-28, 2015. Inquire about schedule if conflicts exist. 
Remuneration:  $3,600* per semester, following a 50 percent stipend and 50 percent scholarship model ($1,800 will automatically be applied to tuition, and $1,800 will be provided as a stipend). 

*This amount is based on 240 hours/semester.  It may be prorated depending on when position is filled and how many hours of work will actually be completed during the semester.

  1. Current, ongoing experience with community service, service-learning, and/or social justice education/work.
  2. Experience and/or training in spiritual/faith development.
  3. Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
  5. Proficient in Social Media
  6. Ability and willingness to work with students, faculty and community representatives.
  7. Experience facilitating reflection or discussion groups.


- Moderator for the Ignatian Solidarity Teach-In

- Supports the Commemoration of the Martyrs event.

- Support the Encounter El Salvador Immersion program.

- Support the Last Sunday of the Month Meal Program at Beans & Bread.


Assist the Assistant Director, Poverty Concerns & Faith Connections as needed on Encounter El Salvador Applications, Prep/Education Sessions, Logistics,               communication, Fundraising and much more.     


- Support the Beans & Bread SC in the Coordination and Execution Last Sunday of the month (occurs every Last Sunday of the month).
- Support the logistics of Coordination of Last Sunday of the month.
- Participate, and help oversee the Last Sunday of the month some of the months during the Spring and Fall Semesters:
- Attendance in the Fall: September 27th, October 25th , Assistance with November Last Sunday.
- Attendance in the Spring: January 31st, March 27th, April 24th

-In conjunction with CCSJ supervisor, SC for the Ignatian Solidarity Network and Campus Ministry staff member, assures Loyola participation in Ignatian Teach-In in mid/late November; coordinates pre-trip education and preparation, and attends and oversees the trip. 


Contact Information Maria Desangles, Assistant Director, Poverty Concerns and Faith Connections

Graduate Assistant Employment Application