Loyola University Maryland

Office of Human Resources

Graduate Assistant for Service-Learning

Scope The Service-Learning Graduate Assistant provides support for all service-learning projects and initiatives throughout the University.  Also assists with other programs of the Center for Community Service and Justice.  Reports to the Assistant Director of Service-Learning in the Center for Community Service and Justice.  Nine-month position (mid-August to early May), approximately 15 hours/week (225 hours/semester).

I. Basic Responsibilities A. Assist with service-learning research through data collection and entry, implementation and data analysis of the end-of-semester assessment survey of service-learning students, community partners, and faculty.

B. Maintain and update service-learning website, including list of courses and map of service-learning sites.

C. Serve as graduate student representative on the Committee on Engaged Scholarship, the advisory group of the Office of Service-Learning, and record the minutes.

D. Provide support to Assistant Director and Director of Service-Learning with faculty development initiatives, research, and other projects as needed.

E. Participate in and support other programs of the Center for Community Service and Justice as needed.

II. Qualifications  A. Experience with SPSS and website development/maintenance strongly preferred.

B. Demonstrated written and oral communication, organization and data management skills.

C. Current, ongoing experience with community service, service-learning, and social justice education/work.

D. Ability and willingness to work with students, faculty and community representatives.
III. Terms of Employment 
A. Must be enrolled as a graduate student at Loyola University Maryland.

B. Period of employment: One or two academic years.  Summer hours have sometimes been available separately.

C. Recipient will work approximately 15 hours per week each semester, or approximately 240 hours per semester.  

D. Must attend parts of student staff training scheduled for the last two weeks in August, depending on availability and scheduling of relevant sessions.  Dates TBD.  
E. Remuneration:  $3600 per semester, following a 50 percent stipend and 50 percent scholarship model ($1800 will automatically go towards tuition, $1800 will be provided as a stipend).  

**This amount is based on 240 hours/semester.  It may be prorated depending on when position is filled and how many hours of work will actually be completed during the semester.

IV. Contact Information

Kate Figiel-Miller, Assistant Director of Service-Learning



For more information, please visit www.loyola.edu/service-learning.  To apply, contact kefigiel@loyola.edu with cover letter and resume.  

Graduate Assistant Employment Application