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In March 2000, the Jesuit community at Loyola University Maryland established a special endowment to support research and special programmatic initiatives to ensure excellence in the University’s first-year academic programs. The first phase of the endowment was used in April of 2002 to establish a research operation to support the planning and development of the University’s first-year programs. Under the supervision of the assistant vice president for institutional research and effectiveness, the coordinator of first-year research conducts annual studies to assess the impact of first-year programs.


The coordinator of first-year research develops, coordinates, administers, and analyzes appropriate assessment initiatives in order to evaluate the impact of first-year programs on students and to measure program success. These assessments help the University determine how well the academic goals of the first-year programs are being met and the extent to which the development needs of incoming students are being served. Assessment data are used to determine whether significant outcomes differences exist among the various programs so that accurate information is available to support first-year program planning and decision making.

Relationship between Engaging in a First-Year Program and Students' Educational Experience at Loyola College
Produced: July 2009
In this report, the College Senior Survey is used to understand differential college experiences of students who engaged and did not engage in a first-year program.

First Year Academic Program Reports:

The research for the following reports was conducted to gain better understanding of Loyola students involved in the first-year programs.

First Year Focus Group Reports:

The following reports focus on first-year students’ experiences with regards to their engagement with in a First-Year Program (FYP). Students who did not to participate in an FYP but rather elected to pursue the “general” academic program are also included to understand their first semester experience.

Academic Year 2012-2013
Produced: May 2013

Academic Year 2008-2009
Produced: May 2009

Academic Year 2006-2007
Produced: May 2007