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Loyola University Maryland in Rome is run in conjunction with the Catholic University of America. The "Eternal City" offers unique opportunities for our students to be fully immersed in the Italian culture and language, in European history and in the history of the Catholic Church.  Rome is one of the world’s major capitals with a population of 3 million. The Rome Center’s new campus is located at Via Garibaldi 28, on the Janiculum Hill, just above the ancient Roman neighborhood of Trastevere. Language courses are taught by Italiaidea, a successful and dynamic Italian language institute. Dr. David Dawson Vasquez, a theology professor from Catholic University and a Rome resident, is our on-site program director.

This program is an intensive full immersion program. Students take Italian language courses and live with Italian host families. Students use public transportation to get from their homes to the school, and generally will adjust to living an Italian lifestyle. Courses are based on Italy and Rome, and the city becomes your classroom as professors will conduct courses at various onsite locations.

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Typically sophomores with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 may apply.
  • Students must fit the five courses offered in Rome in their Loyola degree program.
  • Students must not be on disciplinary probation nor have a history of serious disciplinary problems.

Criteria for Remaining in the Program

Studying abroad is a privilege that students earn by receiving and maintaining the required cumulative GPA set forth by the study abroad program of their choice. All students must also demonstrate through their disciplinary record (both on and off campus) to the Office of International Programs that they are able to represent Loyola University Maryland and the United States through the display of personal responsibility, honesty, and integrity for self and others by making wise choices and avoiding risky and/or harmful behavior that could jeopardize their privilege to study abroad and/or harm the reputation of Loyola University, the host university and their fellow students.

Therefore, once you are conditionally accepted into the Rome program, it is also YOUR responsibility to keep your ‘spot’ in the program. This includes maintaining both your academic and disciplinary records at Loyola University which the Office of International Programs reviews a second time prior to your overseas departure.

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 by the end of the semester prior to going abroad. Failure to maintain the required cumulative GPA could result in your removal from the Rome program. Summer school (at Loyola or away) will not be considered as a remedy to improve an insufficient GPA. Students will be financially responsible for any expenses incurred by the Office of International Programs on the student’s behalf. This includes but is not limited to airline tickets, housing fees, tuition deposits, etc. The student will be billed for these items.

In addition to maintaining the academic requirement to study abroad, students must also meet the standards set forth in the disciplinary requirement and not get into ANY disciplinary trouble after being conditionally accepted into the Copenhagen(Rome) program. Disciplinary troubles occurring AFTER acceptance into the program strongly indicates to the Office of International Programs that the student has not taken the opportunity he/she has been given to study abroad seriously--and it could also be an indicator of future behavioral problems while abroad. If a student receives any disciplinary sanctions after being accepted into the Rome program then he/she can be removed from the program and will be financially responsible for any expenses incurred on his/her behalf. This includes but is not limited to airline tickets, housing fees, tuition payments, etc. The student will be billed for these items.


  • Students are required to take two 3-credit Italian language courses. The first course is done intensively during the first month, meeting three hours per day, Monday through Friday. The second course meets three days per week for 1 ½ hours per session for the rest of the semester. No Italian background is required. The courses count as electives. You must have two free electives for this to work with your degree program. You can also use 200-level courses towards the Italian Studies minor you are able to place into them.
  • Students take three other courses with American professors. All courses are based on Italy or Rome. Courses are available for some upper-level core courses, and are very limited. We usually run five courses per semester in addition to the Italian courses.
  • Please see the link for course offerings at the top of the page.

Disclaimer: In case of strikes or unexpected disruption to the academic semester Loyola University will work with the host university abroad to provide additional support or other academic arrangements to enable students to complete their coursework in agreement with the rules and regulations of the host university and the laws of the host country.  Loyola University Maryland will not makes any changes to its course, grade, or credit transfer policies following such circumstances.


The Rome Center’s new campus is located at Via Garibaldi 28, on the Janiculum Hill, just above the ancient Roman neighborhood of Trastevere.

  • It is a the far western edge of the old city and was included in the walls built around the city in the third century by the emperor Aurelian.
  • It is a 10-minute walk from the center to Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, the main square of the neighborhood.  Four buses stop immediately outside the center's gates to take one across the river to the Pantheon or the Colosseum.
  • The program is not affiliated with an Italian university, and is made up entirely of Loyola, CUA(Washington, DC) and Australian Catholic University (ACU) students.
  • The building is wireless and contains modern classrooms, air-conditioned/heated, a library, and a cafeteria.
  • The Italian Language Courses are taken at  Italiaidea a well-known language school located near Rome's Piazza Navona.

Length of Stay

  • This program is for one semester: fall or spring. 
  • The fall runs from late August to mid-December. The spring runs from the beginning of January to mid-May.


  • All students participate in home-stays (includes breakfasts five days a week and four dinners per week, and a city bus/metro pass). Students will have their own or may share a private bedroom with Italian families selected by Italiaidea staff in neighborhoods surrounding downtown Rome.
  • Most host families do not have internet.
  • Students will have to commute to school and/or Italiaidea. The commute can take 30-60 minutes on public transportation (bus/metro). All host families are within five miles of the Historic Center of Rome.


  • Loyola tuition (see program cost estimates at the top of the page);
  • Loyola in Rome program consortium fee (see program cost estimates at the top of the page);
  • Reduced comprehensive fee; and
  • Students are eligible for consideration for all forms of federal, state, institutional and private sources of aid, except the federal work-study program. Students studying abroad for a semester or full academic year will forfeit the value of a federal work-study assignment.

Application Requirements

  • Completed online application form and an academic advisor acknowledgement form must be submitted by Wednesday after Thanksgiving break for the fall or spring.
  • Advisor's signature is required.

 **Please keep in mind that study abroad information, dates, benefits, and fees are subject to change without notification. You are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs directly for the most up-to-date information regarding any study abroad programs offered at Loyola.

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