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Newcastle University-Newcastle, England



Loyola established a relationship with Newcastle University in the late 1990s. We have recently expanded on this longstanding partnership and opened a Study Abroad Center in Newcastle. This will make the study abroad experience for Loyola students much easier and more enjoyable. We will also start admitting students from other American institutions into the center. For more information about the Loyola University Center at Newcastle University please visit our website. We have historically sent 15-30 students each September for the full academic year. We also offer a fall semester and a spring semester option to accommodate students whose major does not allow them to go abroad for a year. Newcastle University is a large research university located in northeast England in the city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The city is located 1.5 hours from Edinburgh, Scotland and 5 hours from London. The Scandinavian countries, Germany, and Ireland are accessible by ferry. Continental Europe can be reached by air or rail.

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Typically sophomores with a cumulative CQPA average of 2.750.
  • Students who can find courses which fit their Loyola program and allow full-time participation and who are neither on disciplinary probation nor have a history of serious disciplinary problems.


  • Consult the Office of International Programs as early as possible to get assistance on course selections at Loyola, so that you are prepared for an academic course load in Newcastle.
  • This program serves students in nearly all majors.
  • Pre-med students can take undergraduate medical classes at Newcastle's Biomed school.
  • Business majors must be flexible as courses are not guaranteed ahead of time.

Length of Stay

  • This is a fall, spring or one academic year program. The fall term runs mid-September until late January while the spring term runs from late January until mid-June. The group departs together in early September and is home for Christmas break. The full year students will return in early January and stay through mid-June. Spring semester students will depart together in late January and return in mid-June. There is a month-long spring break in the spring semester.


  • Three apartment complexes are utilized by Loyola students and other international students. They are 15-20 minutes walking distance from each other, and they are on opposite corners of the large campus.
  • Generally, two Americans and four British or international students will share a suite of six private rooms with two baths, a common kitchen, a sitting area and a dining room.


  • Students are eligible for consideration for all forms of federal, state, institutional and private sources of aid, except the federal work-study program. Students studying abroad for a semester or full academic year will forfeit the value of a federal work-study assignment.
  • The cost is equivalent to the tuition, room charge (Ahern), and a reduced comprehensive fee paid to Loyola, plus a program fee each semester.
  • Loyola financial aid applies.

Application Requirements

  • An application must be submitted to the Office of International Programs by December 4 (Wednesday after Thanksgiving break) of the year prior to when a student wants to go abroad. The application includes an advisor's signature.
  • Preference in application consideration goes to full year applicants. All single semester applications, regardless of major, are reviewed equally.
  • An in-person interview with the program coordinator at Loyola University Maryland is also required.

Student Ambassadors

Adrianna Caton

Adrianna CatonHi! My name is Adrianna Caton. I am currently a senior, double majoring in English Literature and Psychology. I could not be happier with my decision to study abroad in Newcastle for the entire academic year. During my nine months in England, I was able to travel the country and experience the various cultures that exist within Britain. From touring castles and cathedrals, to sharing a cup of tea and practicing my British accent with my flatmates, my time in England was filled with some of the best experiences of my life.

Studying abroad for the year also allowed me to do a significant amount of travel throughout Europe. Not only was I able to see so much of our beautiful world, but I made international friendships that I will cherish forever. Regardless of whether you choose to study abroad for the year or a semester, Newcastle offers an unlimited amount of opportunities and unforgettable experiences. If you have any questions about the program or my experiences studying abroad, please do not hesitate to contact me at alcaton@loyola.edu!

Nick Scutari 

Zach Samson

Hey! My name is Nick Scutari and I am a Communication major and a Marketing minor here at Loyola University Maryland. I studied abroad during the Spring semester in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity! Newcastle is a very unique city with rich culture, a friendly atmosphere, and enjoyable nightlife. Becoming immersed in British everyday life, attending an international university, and travelling to numerous different cities within England truly made my experience very memorable! I was also able to travel to eight countries throughout Europe as well during my time abroad! If you have any questions or would like to hear more about my experience, feel free to contact me!

E-mail: nascutari@loyola.edu

Hillary Stalknecht

Hillary StalknechtHey guys! My name is Hillary Stalknecht and I am a Biology/Psychology Interdisciplinary major here at Loyola. I had the most amazing time studying abroad junior year in Newcastle, England. Not only was I immersed in a much different academic setting than Loyola but I was also exposed to the rich and historic culture of England. Newcastle is the most perfect city to attend University in. Between the friendly locals (also known as the Geordies), the bustling downtown center, and the lively nightlife, Newcastle offers just about everything to help contribute towards the most fulfilling time abroad. Better yet, Loyola’s program at Newcastle has so many course equivalencies that I was able to stay there not just one, but two semesters without using many electives! That extra time allowed me to do a lot of international travel during breaks in the academic year and gave me a glimpse of what the world has to offer. As a full year student I feel that I was incredibly submerged into the culture of the United Kingdom and became very active at Newcastle University. I love to talk to people about my experience and would love to answer any and all questions you may have about Newcastle and studying abroad in general! Feel free to contact me at hlstalknecht@loyola.edu

Zach Samson

Zach Samson

Hey guys, my name is Zach Samson. I am a Global Studies major and Political Science minor. Being offered to study abroad for the year was possibly one of the best things that could have happened.  My experience abroad for the year in Newcastle was amazing.  My time abroad was full of amazing trips and amazing friends that I will never forget.  Newcastle may not be the most popular city in England but is by far one of the bests. There are plenty of things to do in the area and it is always a good time. The city has a lot to offer whether it is going to a soccer match to visiting museums to going out a night time. The people and times you have abroad will be the best experiences of your life. If you have any questions or would like to talk about anything feel free to email me at znsamson@loyola.edu.


Program Ambassadors are students who studied abroad at Newcastle for the 2012-2013 academic school year. Please feel free to contact them with program-specific questions.

Course Equivalencies

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This is a working list of the course equivalencies for the Newcastle, England program.

The course approvals and equivalencies provided are the most current for the Office of International Programs. Once accepted to a study abroad program, students will have an academic interview with the appropriate director and will be advised on their course selection.

Please be advised: All students are solely responsible for informing themselves about the status of these courses. Course approvals and equivalencies may change at a moment's notice. This means you should confirm if the following courses are approved, or if the courses have been removed.

If there are other courses you desire to take and they are not on the course equivalency list, you must get written course approval by the department chair. The courses that you choose should fit into your degree audit and enable you to graduate on time.

**Please keep in mind that study abroad information, dates, benefits, and fees are subject to change without notification. You are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs directly for the most up-to-date information regarding any study abroad programs offered at Loyola.