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International Programs

American University of Paris-Paris, France


Students have the wonderful opportunity to study in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Paris. The American University of Paris is close to one of country’s most famous tourist attractions, the Eiffel Tower. The American University of Paris was founded in 1962 and has a student body close to 1000 students representing 100 different nationalities. The AUP faculty is as diverse as the student population. The faculty members represent 15 nationalities and many are bilingual. The American University of Paris is an urban campus that is comprised of seven buildings located in the 7th District of Paris.


  • Students can study either in the fall or spring semester.
  • The program is open to juniors and in special cases, spring sophomores.
  • Students with a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher can be considered for admission.
  • Courses are offered in the following areas: humanities, social sciences, and a limited number of business courses.
  • The university offers the opportunity to preregister for courses.
  • All courses offered in English.
  • Students take four-four credit courses each semester (four courses, 4 semester-hour credits each). Note: Students must save one elective to receive credit for five courses abroad.
  • Students should have as many course options as possible for preregistration.
  • A French language course is not required but recommended.
  • Students will receive an official transcript from AUP. All courses, grades and credits will transfer and all AUP grades will be calculated into the Loyola QPA.
  • The AUP course browser is not available until November for spring study and March for fall study.

AUP course offerings change frequently. Please contact the Office of International Programs if you have questions about availability.


  • Students live in apartments around Paris and is organized through student housing company called Comforts of Home/Comforts of Paris.
  • Students pay their monthly rent, utilities and other expenses to Comforts of Home/Comforts of Paris.
  • Meals are not included; you must provide your own.
  • Students must bring enough money (in Euros) to pay the first month's rent, utilities, and security deposit. The security deposit can be the equivalent of the first month's rent.

Program Benefits

  • All Loyola financial aid, with the exception of federal-work study, can be used on the AUP program.
  • Students pay Loyola’s tuition, program fee, reduced comprehensive fee to Loyola.
    • Housing and other fees (for example: housing insurance and health care fee) are paid abroad. Students pay for their own transportation to Paris.
  • Students also must submit a study abroad deposit to hold their place in the program.
  • Students will receive an orientation abroad, a stay in a French hostel during the orientation, and will be enrolled in a travel assistance program.
  • Students will receive an AUP student ID and email account.
    • Students must show proof of international health insurance coverage or AUP will automatically charge them for their own health insurance.

Application Procedures 

  • All students must apply by December 3 (Wednesday after Thanksgiving break) for fall or spring study abroad.
  • Attend information/registration sessions on the program before applying.
  • Course information is subject to change.
  • Save as many course options as possible for this program.
  • Please note: limited to 15 students per semester
**Please keep in mind that study abroad information, dates, benefits, and fees are subject to change without notification. You are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs directly for the most up-to-date information regarding any study abroad programs offered at Loyola.