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The Loyola University Maryland Language Learning Center (known on-campus as the LLC) helps instructors bring technology into the classroom and also offers the option of holding class sessions in our state-of-the-art computer lab or two video viewing rooms. Our computer lab is equipped with Lenovo ThinkCentre computers, outfitted with webcams, headsets, and closed circuit film viewing abilities. The LLC can be used for everything from showing students a feature film, to leading a technology driven class session, to having students create, film, and edit their own short movies in our video editing room. All of the equipment necessary for these activities, and a significant foreign language film collection, is available at the LLC, as is technical assistance for both instructors and students.

Loyola language lab from front doorIn addition to serving MLL faculty, the LLC strives to be the “home base” for students engaged in modern language studies at Loyola. Just as art students have the art studio and chemistry students have the chem lab, language students have the Language Learning Center to use as a home for their studies, where they can interact regularly with other language students and instructors and feel part of a close-knit community of learners.

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