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Office of Marketing and Communications (MarComm)

Graduate Marketing & Recruitment

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The office of graduate marketing and recruitment works in collaboration with the office of graduate admission (OGA) and academic departments to plan, execute, assess, and continuously improve the marketing and recruitment strategies for all graduate programs in Loyola College of Arts and Sciences (LCAS) and the School of Education (SoE).

Our Team

The graduate marketing and recruitment team includes Director of Marketing Manette Frese, Assistant Director of Marketing Matt Kudler, and Marketing Specialist Ben Brewer. 

Together, we work to build, implement and assess the effectiveness of the following components of LCAS and SoE graduate program marketing strategies:

Marketing and Media Planning

In concert with our marketing and communications colleagues and academic partners, we build annual marketing plans that include media buys of both traditional and digital paid advertising, direct outreach (email campaigns, postcard mailings), and event recruitment activities. We also work with alumni of our graduate programs who are excellent ambassadors in assisting with outreach efforts and event recruitment. 

Content and Creative

Messaging is an important component of marketing activity and our team works to build personas of your graduate programs’ target audiences and create content and visual designs that engage these audiences. We use this content and creative in a variety of communication tools including automated emails, web page contents, and digital properties.

Social Media

We have expertise to help you build a comprehensive social media plan that includes training for how to launch and maintain active social media communities. Additionally, we have the opportunity to leverage social media advertising to raise awareness for your graduate program and its social presence. Through planned editorial and social advertising efforts, social media can be leveraged as a marketing tool to create positive engagement between past, present, and future Loyola students.

Event Recruitment

One of the most effective marketing activities for graduate students is event recruitment. We can help you plan, execute, and measure the effectiveness of an array of events including virtual and live information sessions, gatherings that piggy back larger University events (e.g., a reception at the Hanway Lecture Series in Global Studies that recently featured Tony Blair and Colin Powell), as well as strategize to build strong yield (accepted to enrolled) events and results. We can offer our assistance at hosting, speaking, advertising and measuring the enrollment impact of these events.

Metrics and Yield Assessments

We work to assess the effectiveness of marketing plan activities by collecting and tracking data on how our prospective students and applicants hear about us, where they go on our website, which advertisements they respond to or see in market, etc. We work to continuously improve our tracking abilities each year and are excited to begin a long term project in the marketing and communications department that will be able to provide and measure usefulness of targeted content on our website, for example.

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