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Holiday Cards and Emails

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Need to send some holiday cheer from Loyola? The office of marketing and communications is offering templates for use in Christmas cards and emails. Feel free to use the following card design and envelope templates for your departmental holiday cards. Instructions for how to print or send the cards are included below.

Step 1: Decide on a design

Humanities  Sellinger
Humanities center  Sellinger building illustration
Madonna and Child Ornament
Madonna and child Loyola ornament in front of Alumni Chapel doors
Chapel 1 Chapel 2
Alumni Chapel illustration Alumni Chapel computer graphic
 Greyhound Donnelly
Greyhound with Santa hat Donnelly Science Center

Step 2: Select a method of delivery:

Printable Cards and Envelopes

To customize and print: simply open the PDF and imprint your own information, then contact Printing and Mail Services, printingservices@loyola.edu or ext. 1132, to get the quantities you need.

Download the card PDF:

Download the envelope PDF.


To customize: simply open the Word document and imprint your own information.

Note: If you are sending to a large distribution list of external email addresses (over 100 people) please coordinate with the office of marketing and communications.