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Advisory Board & Implementation Committee

An Advisory Board and Implementation Committee provide ongoing stewardship for the development and implementation of the Messina Initiative.

Messina (formerly Living Learning) Advisory Board Charge:  

The Messina Advisory Board is an ongoing board. The charge of the Board is to serve as the leadership body concerning the stewardship of the Living and Learning Program for all first-year students in all of its aspects, curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular. The Board is responsible for assuring that the learning aims of the Program are met and that they conform to the Undergraduate Learning Aims. The Board is also responsible for the integration of the Catholic Intellectual tradition into the Program, theme generation and organization, the development of the discernment component of the program, and faculty and Student Development personnel recruitment; faculty of the Board will be responsible for curricular elements of the Program. The Board also develops and maintains appropriate sub-committees, consistent with University governance, to monitor specific program elements. The Board provides reports to and, where appropriate, advises the Chair of the Academic Senate and the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and Student Development. The Board has also worked with the Implementation Committee for Living and Learning Communities to determine details of program implementation. (Approved by the Academic Senate February 15, 2011)


  • Timothy Clark, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics (Natural Sciences Faculty Representative)
  • Jean Lee Cole, Associate Professor, English (Humanities Faculty Representative)
  • Theresa DiDonato, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department (Social Science Faculty Representative)
  • Doug Harris, Faculty Co-Director of Messina, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • CCSJ Representative - TBD
  • Mark Lewis, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education (School of Education Faculty Representative)
  • Student Development Representative - TBD
  • Michael Puma, Student Development Co-Director of Messina
  • Corinne Schober, Class of 2019 & Student Government Association Member (Student Representative)
  • Chloe Sickles, Class of 2017 & Evergreen (Student Representative)
  • Christina Spearman, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Life (Student Life Representative)
  • Arthur Sutherland, Dean of the Class of 2020
  • Nancy Williams, Associate Professor, Economics (Sellinger School Faculty Representative)

Living Learning Implementation Committee Charge:

The Ad Hoc Implementation Committee on First-Year Living Learning Communities is convened at various points in time as needed. The charge of the Committee is to determine logistics, workflows, and resources and allocations necessary for program implementation and maintenance. The Committee has worked closely and collaboratively with the Messina Advisory Board. The Committee’s recommendations have been sent to the Loyola Conference for approval. The Committee may develop and maintain appropriate sub-committees. Members of the Committee attend the Academic Senate and Loyola Conference meetings when the governance bodies consider the Committee’s recommendations. (Approved by the Loyola Conference March 22, 2011)


  • Academic Advising and Support Center
  • Academic Affairs
  • Admission
  • Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Enrollment Management
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Loyola College
  • Records Office
  • School of Education
  • Sellinger School
  • Student Administrative Services
  • Student Development
  • Student Life
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