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Self and Other Course Pairing

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Introduction to Statistical Methods (ST110)

As part of the "Self and Others" theme, the discipline of statistics will be introduced while frequently using examples and data that relate to the human experience. Using statistical analysis, we will develop a deeper understanding of how we can better our own lives and those of others.  We will use data from many avenues of life: social, psychological, environmental, food and nutrition, sports, etc.

Faculty Biography

With a PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Loyola Maryland, Dr. Auer brings a numbers side of things and a people side of things to his 36th year as a stat professor at Loyola University Maryland.  With a passion for film, dance, music, travelling, and baseball, there is more to this teacher than just math and stat.

Food: Environment & Human Impact (BL120)

The development of agriculture was one of the great innovations in human history, allowing our species to expand to the current population size of over 7 billion; however, the change in our diet has had broad implications for our health, the health of others, and the health of the Earth.  In this course, we will investigate the science and issues involved in our food choices.  Topics include evolutionary changes in the human diet; food and the environment; nutrition; the impact of diet on human health; and, social justice issues related to food production and accessibility.

Faculty biography 

Professor Elissa Derrickson received her Ph.D. in biology from the University of Pennsylvania where she became interested in mammalian physiology from an evolutionary perspective.  Her most recent research has focused on understanding how small mammals respond to changes in dietary protein levels.  Some of her proudest accomplishments at Loyola include receiving the Harry W. Rodgers Distinguished Teacher of the Year award, the Bene Merenti medal for 25 years (!) of service, and serving as chair of the Faculty Senate for seven years.

Mentor biography 

Michael Puma was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  He attended Fordham University (BS, American Studies & Psychology), Syracuse University (MsEd., Higher Education Administration) and is currently a doctoral student at the University of Maryland – College Park.  Mike spent his first nine years at Loyola in the Office of Student Life serving as both an Assistant Director and Associate Director for Living-Learning Initiatives before being name Co-Director of Messina in 2011.  While at Loyola, Mike has taken part in numerous campus ministry retreats and immersion trips including Spring Break Outreach and Encuentra El Salvador.  He is a resident member of Loyola's Phi Beta Kappa chapter and OUT Loyola - Loyola's LGBTQ+ group for faculty, staff and administrators. He also facilitates Green Dot and Safe Zone trainings for the Loyola Community. 

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