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Introduction to Theology: Faith, Formation, and Function: exploring the manual and liberal arts (TH201)

This seminar will explore the relationship between education in the liberal and the manual arts, with specific attention to how both require virtue in order to acquire skill and know-how. Readings will include selections from the Old and New Testaments, early and medieval authors, and a recent work by Matthew Crawford called Shop Class as Soulcraft. This class offers students the opportunity to reflect the purpose of a college education, the  process of discerning a vocation, and how college participates in the formation and flourishing of people.

Faculty Biography

Daniel McClain is an affiliate professor of Theology and the Director of Program Operations for the Master of Theological Studies. He is also a musician, a bike and motorcycle tinkerer, and an urban chicken ‘farmer.’

The Craft of Reason (PL201)

What is reason? Is it a set of rules that governs our thoughts? Or is it a tool we can use to examine our perspective? This course examines the use of reason in the history of Western thought, focusing on the use of reason as a type of craft.  Our aim is to understand the structured way of investigating the natural world that we have inherited from our ancestors.  We will also discuss the best uses of reason, and examine its role in a life well lived.

Faculty Biography

Meghan Page is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy. Her research focuses on issues in the philosophy of physical science, philosophy of religion, and the intersection of the two.

Mentor Biographies

Maria Schwartz is an Assistant Director in the Academic Advising and Support Center.  Besides general advising duties, Maria works with current Loyola students who wish to transfer summer courses, facilitates the override process for liberal arts courses, and advises Visiting and Special students.  Maria hails from Chicagoland, where she earned Bachelor and Master of Music degrees (Cello).  She has also lived in “big sky country” of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois and Bozeman, Montana.  She and her husband are active in their church and deeply appreciate the people they have come to know in Baltimore and at Loyola.  Maria loves a good baseball game and, despite being a hapless Cubs fan, greatly enjoys Camden Yards and the Os.

Annie Marshall is the Assistant Director of Business Operations at the FAC.  In her current role, Annie provides supervision to the Welcome Desk and Member Services staff along with daily management of business operations ‘behind the scenes’ at the FAC. A Minnesota native, she received her M.A. in Education and her B.A. in English. In her spare time, Annie enjoys running, biking, hiking and spending time with her wife, and their dogs, Luke and Penny.

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