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How Markets Work: Real-World Applications of Supply and Demand (EC102)

While driving to campus, I am reminded of how economic concepts are exemplified in the real world: a local coffee shop offers a free drink after purchasing twelve drinks in order to induce brand loyalty, a restaurant went out of business because it was located near a well-established rival, and a movie theater offers a student discount in order to attract more consumers and maximize profits.  This class serves as an introduction to microeconomics, the study of the decision-making process of firms and households and their interaction in the marketplace.  By using real-world examples and case studies, students will develop their economic intuition so that they will be able to critically discuss and analyze economic issues.

Faculty Biography

Kerry Tan is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Loyola University Maryland.  He received his BA from the University of California, San Diego and his PhD from The Ohio State University.  Kerry enjoys fueling his students’ curiosity for economics by connecting the course material to their everyday lives and is a recent recipient of the Chair’s Award for Distinguished Teaching in Economics.  He is fascinated by anything dealing with airplanes and conducts research on pricing strategies in the U.S. airline industry.

Introduction to Computers with Software Applications (CS111)

An introduction to computer science and software applications that includes the design and operation of personal computers, representation of data by computers, structure of operating systems, design and operation of computer networks, concepts of software design and programming, and social and ethical issues. Students get hands-on experience with spreadsheets, database management systems, and high-level programming.

Faculty Biography

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Mentor Biography

Kaileigh Jolliffe, is an alum of Loyola University Maryland.  She graduated in 2009 with a degree in Marketing and is now working in the Office of International Programs as a study abroad coordinator.  During her time at Loyola, Kaileigh studied abroad in Newcastle, England for a year and now manages this program here at Loyola.  She is excited to be back at Loyola and working with the Messina program.

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