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Kolvenbach Summer Research Grant Recipients

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Briana Ciccarino '15
Community Agency: Caroline Center
Language: the power of words and who cares

Brett Kirkpatrick, M.S.'14,
Counseling Psychology
Community Agency: GEDCO
Greater Govans Community Food Assessment

Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner, Ph.D., Theology
Community Agency: Health Freedom
Partnering to Promote Health Equality and Justice in Baltimore

Thomas Patrick O’Donnell '15
Community Agency: DeWees Recreation Center
Restorative Justice and Community Building at the DeWees Recreation Center—Best Practices Research and Needs Assessment


Lena Gloria Caesar, Ed.D., Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology
Community Agency: U.S. Dream Academy
Predictors of Language and Literacy Performance among At-Risk Students at the Baltimore Learning Center's After-School Program (ASP): A Curriculum Needs Assessment

Betsy Jenkins M.S. '13, Pastoral Counseling
Rev. Jill L. Snodgrass, Ph.D., Pastoral Counseling
Community Agency: Marian House
It's More Than a Job Club, Girlfriend!

Tiphanie G. Sutton M.S., Psychology
Martin F. Sherman, Ph.D., Psychology
Community Agency: Office of Teacher Support and Development of Baltimore City Public Schools
Supporting and Sustaining Educators of Baltimore City Public Schools: An Evaluation of the New Teacher Induction Program

Stephanie Tsang '14
Community Agency: Stella Maris Hospice
Hospice Treatment, Spirituality, and Quality of Care for End-of-Life Patients

Dominic T. Walker '13
Community Agency: St. Ignatius Loyola Academy
Socialization and Education: Navigating Class Difference in Education


Patrick Diamond '13
Community Agency: Saint Vincent de Paul’s Home Connections programAlternative Financial Service & Homelessness

Rachel Firestone M.S. '12, Psychology
Community Agency: Caroline Center
Tackling Unemployment Among African-American Women in Baltimore

Daniel Kelly '12
Community Agency: Parks and People Foundation 
The effect of community gardening on attitudes and behaviors surrounding health and nutrition

Jacqueline Lovdahl '12
Commuity Agency: Esperanza Center 
Creating a blueprint for a successful pro bono legal clinic to serve Baltimore immigrants

Scott Strickman M.S. '12, Psychology
Community Agency: Caroline Center
Helping the Caroline Center Help Baltimore


Heather E. Dark, M.S. '11, Psychology
Stephanie Flores-Koulish, Ph.D., Education Specialties
Community Agency: Greater Homewood Community Corporation along with Barclay & Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle Schools
Investigating the Digital Divide in Two Baltimore City Schools to Enhance Community Involvement

Drew Leder, Ph.D., Philosophy
Rev. Timothy B. Brown, S.J., Law and Social Responsibility
Community Agency: Jessup Correctional Institution
JCI - Loyola Partnership


Ayla D. Badell '11
Community Agency: Maryland State Office of Infectious Disease Prevention & Care Services
Refugees and Mental Health: The Search for Sanity

C. Matthew Cairns '10
Community Agency: Loyola University Maryland's York Road Redevelopment Committee
Engaging Businesses in the Greater Govans Community: The Potential for Business Incubation on York Road

Alicia K. Condon '10
Community Agency: St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore/Beans and Bread Outreach Center
Evaluating the Experiences of Beans and Bread Volunteers: A Qualitative Investigation

JungGeum Im, M.S. '10 Psychology
Community Agency: Joseph Richey Hospice
Relation between Resilience-related Traits and Volunteerism at Hospice

Elliot King, Ph.D., Communication
Barbara Vann, Ph.D., Sociology
Community Agency: Maryland Correctional Institution for Women College Degree Program
Developing a Blueprint for Creating a Sustainable Degree-granting Higher Education Program at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women

Donna Pitts, Au.D., CCC-A, The Loyola Clinical Centers
Kathleen Ward, M.S., The Loyola Clinical Centers
Community Agency: The Stadium Place, Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation (GEDCO)
Strategies for Improving Communication in Older Adults with Hearing Impairment

Catherine Savell, M.A., Modern Languages and Literatures
Community Agency: Immigration Outreach Service Center of St. Matthew Catholic Church in Baltimore
Assessing Immigrant Needs at the Immigrant Outreach Service Center of St. Matthew Catholic Church in Baltimore