Loyola University Maryland

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Kolvenbach Summer Research Grant Recipients

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Tyler Cochran, ’17, Global Studies and Spanish

International Rescue Committee in Baltimore

Differing Psychological Response to Trauma among Torture Survivors

Jessica Valenti, ’16, Biology and Global Studies

Safe House of Hope

The Effects of Rites of Passage on Victims of Human Trafficking


Giuliana Caranante, '15, Writing and Psychology

Richnor Spring Neighborhood Association

York Road Literacy and Employment Initiative 

Sarah Davarya M.S. '16, Psychology

St. Elizabeth School

Adults with autism spectrum disorder: Supports and barriers to obtaining successful employment

Lauren Heery '15, Interdisciplinary Biology/Chemistry & Interdisciplinary English/Classical Civilization

York Road Partnership

Pedestrian Safety and Health Along the York Road Corridor

Lindsay Smith M.S., '15, Psychology

Safe House of Hope

The relation between Sexual Risk Taking and Perception of Health Risk: A Preliminary Examination of Condom use Self-Efficacy and the Health Belief Model in Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Gena Stenger '15, Elementary Education

Acts 4 Youth

Identifying the Effectiveness of Teachers and Mentors for the "At-Risk Youth" of Acts 4 Youth and Increasing Student Retention Rates


Briana Ciccarino '15, Global Studies

Community Agency: Caroline Center

Language: the power of words and who cares

Brett Kirkpatrick, M.S.'14,
Counseling Psychology

Community Agency: GEDCO

Greater Govans Community Food Assessment

Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner, Ph.D., Theology

Community Agency: Health Freedom

Partnering to Promote Health Equality and Justice in Baltimore

Thomas Patrick O’Donnell '15, English

Community Agency: DeWees Recreation Center

Restorative Justice and Community Building at the DeWees Recreation Center—Best Practices Research and Needs Assessment


Lena Gloria Caesar, Ed.D., Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology

Community Agency: U.S. Dream Academy

Predictors of Language and Literacy Performance among At-Risk Students at the Baltimore Learning Center's After-School Program (ASP): A Curriculum Needs Assessment

Betsy Jenkins M.S. '13, Pastoral Counseling

Rev. Jill L. Snodgrass, Ph.D., Pastoral Counseling

Community Agency: Marian House

It's More Than a Job Club, Girlfriend!

Tiphanie G. Sutton M.S., Psychology

Martin F. Sherman, Ph.D., Psychology

Community Agency: Office of Teacher Support and Development of Baltimore City Public Schools

Supporting and Sustaining Educators of Baltimore City Public Schools: An Evaluation of the New Teacher Induction Program

Stephanie Tsang '14, Theology

Community Agency: Stella Maris Hospice

Hospice Treatment, Spirituality, and Quality of Care for End-of-Life Patients

Dominic T. Walker '13, Sociology

Community Agency: St. Ignatius Loyola Academy

Socialization and Education: Navigating Class Difference in Education


Patrick Diamond '13, Global Studies

Community Agency: Saint Vincent de Paul’s Home Connections program

Alternative Financial Service & Homelessness

Rachel Firestone M.S. '12, Psychology

Community Agency: Caroline Center

Tackling Unemployment Among African-American Women in Baltimore

Daniel Kelly '12, Biology

Community Agency: Parks and People Foundation 

The effect of community gardening on attitudes and behaviors surrounding health and nutrition

Jacqueline Lovdahl '12, Communication

Community Agency: Esperanza Center 

Creating a blueprint for a successful pro bono legal clinic to serve Baltimore immigrants

Scott Strickman M.S. '12, Psychology

Community Agency: Caroline Center

Helping the Caroline Center Help Baltimore


Heather E. Dark, M.S. '11, Psychology

Stephanie Flores-Koulish, Ph.D., Education Specialties

Community Agency: Greater Homewood Community Corporation along with

Barclay & Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle Schools

Investigating the Digital Divide in Two Baltimore City Schools to Enhance Community Involvement

Drew Leder, Ph.D., Philosophy

Rev. Timothy B. Brown, S.J., Law and Social Responsibility

Community Agency: Jessup Correctional Institution

JCI - Loyola Partnership


Ayla D. Badell '11, Psychology

Community Agency: Maryland State Office of Infectious Disease Prevention & Care Services

Refugees and Mental Health: The Search for Sanity

C. Matthew Cairns '10, Finance and Interdisciplinary Political Science/Philosophy

Community Agency: Loyola University Maryland's York Road Redevelopment Committee

Engaging Businesses in the Greater Govans Community: The Potential for Business Incubation on York Road

Alicia K. Condon '10, Interdisciplinary Philosophy/Theology

Community Agency: St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore/Beans and Bread Outreach Center

Evaluating the Experiences of Beans and Bread Volunteers: A Qualitative Investigation

JungGeum Im, M.S. '10 Psychology

Community Agency: Joseph Richey Hospice

Relation between Resilience-related Traits and Volunteerism at Hospice

Elliot King, Ph.D., Communication

Barbara Vann, Ph.D., Sociology

Community Agency: Maryland Correctional Institution for Women College Degree Program

Developing a Blueprint for Creating a Sustainable Degree-granting Higher Education Program at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women

Donna Pitts, Au.D., CCC-A, The Loyola Clinical Centers

Kathleen Ward, M.S., The Loyola Clinical Centers

Community Agency: The Stadium Place, Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation (GEDCO)

Strategies for Improving Communication in Older Adults with Hearing Impairment

Catherine Savell, M.A., Modern Languages and Literatures

Community Agency: Immigration Outreach Service Center of St. Matthew Catholic Church in Baltimore

Assessing Immigrant Needs at the Immigrant Outreach Service Center of St. Matthew Catholic Church in Baltimore