Loyola University Maryland

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Indirect Cost Sharing Policy

The indirect cost sharing policy shares indirect costs (also known as Facilities & Administrative Costs) received through grants or contracts with the dean and department of the principal investigator/project director that originated the grant. The dean and department each receive 20% of the indirect costs generated through the grant.

Through sharing these resources, the policy seeks to encourage faculty members to seek external funding by supporting research activities of their departments and curricular areas. The departments and deans have discretion in the use of these funds, though they should be utilized to support research. In some cases, departments have chosen to allow the principal investigator on the grant to determine how the department's share would be used.

Indirect Cost Policy

Loyola maintains a cost-sharing policy for all grants and contracts that include indirect costs (also known as Facilities and Administrative Costs). Indirect costs are shared according to the following formula:

  • 20% Department of principal investigator
  • 20% Principal investigator's dean
  • 60% General fund