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Parking and Transportation

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Welcome to Transportation and Parking at Loyola University Maryland. We handle shuttle services, motor pool, charters and visitor parking for the University. We work hard to provide the very best service to our students, faculty, administrators, and staff.


How to access from your Smart Phone

To download the DoubleMap App on your iPhone or Android phones, simply visit the app store on your

phone. For Android phones, select “Google Play”. Select search and type in DoubleMap. Once you have located

DoubleMap, select and install the app.

Once you have downloaded and opened the app to your smart phone, follow these simple steps:

1. Select Agency - Scroll down the list of transit agencies, and select “Loyola University Maryland”

2. Choose Route - Select your desired route, or just select All routes

3. Go to Map - Select “Go to Map” in the upper right hand corner

4. Now you can view live shuttle activity, and shuttle stop information by zooming in and touching the

desired shuttle or shuttle stop

For additional options, select the three bars in the upper left hand corner. This will allow you to access:

 Show Map - Live map of the Loyola University shuttle service

 Announcements - Important updates about the shuttle routes and service interruptions

 Routes - List of the Loyola University routes

How to access from your Desktop Computer

To view DoubleMap on your desktop computer, simply open your internet browser, and use the following

URL: loyola.doublemap.com. You can also visit www.doublemap.com, and search for Loyola University

Maryland under clients.

Once you have access to loyola.doublemap.com from your desktop, follow these simple steps:

1. Select Route(s) - Click on the route(s) you would like to view from the list on the upper right hand side of

your screen

2. Now you can view live shuttle activity, and shuttle stop information by zooming in and selecting the

desired shuttle or shuttle stop

Important updates about the shuttle routes and service interruptions can be found under Announcements,

directly beneath the list of routes.


Shuttle Service

Throughout this site, we have links to many of our services including DoubleMap, where you can track our shuttles in real time. We also have a list of shuttle routes and running times located on the Shuttle Service tab. Please note that we do have limited service during the summer and holiday periods. These limitations will be posted and updated on our website and will also be posted in Inside Loyola for your convenience. We also welcome you to fill out our on-line survey to let us know how we’re doing and how we can improve.

Motor Pool

Loyola’s Motor Pool vehicles are requested by sponsoring departments through our online reservation system for University use.  If you would like more information regarding our Motor Pool fleet, please visit our Motor Pool link, under Transportation.

Parking Reservations

Information on parking reservations and short term parking on campus can be found on our parking page. In addition, you will be able to access the campus parking map and a copy of our Parking Guidelines.


Charters can be requested through the on-line reservation system found on our quick links.  To submit a request or to find out more information, please visit our Charter Reservations link, under Transportation.

For staff contact information, please see the About Us page.

Mission Statement

Transportation & Parking will provide safe, friendly and convenient shuttle services. Maintain all vehicles to the highest level of repair and safety. Maximize the number of safe, well-lit parking spaces on campus. Allocate parking fairly and consistently. Clearly communicate parking rules and regulations. Provide on-line Motor Pool and Charter reservations for the University.         

Learn more about the Collegetown Shuttle.

Charter Bus Reservations
Motor Pool Reservations