Loyola University Maryland

Parking and Transportation

Shuttle Route Changes

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Loyola is introducing a single route shuttle service. As a result, there will be the following changes:

  • Shuttles will not stop at any location other than a designated shuttle stop!
  • 5000 and 4806 York Road become on-call only stops. Please let your driver know if you are going to one of these locations.
  • Notre Dame Lane heading west – Pick up at Rahner only. Notre Dame Lane heading east – Pick up at Aquinas and Rahner.  Please be on the correct side of the road depending on which way you are heading.
  • The shuttle will only stop at Butler on-demand heading toward the Library. This will keep the shuttle moving and have you waiting less to get to your destination.
  • At Boulder, shuttles going east will unload west of the sidewalk on Ennis Parallel.  Shuttles that move west will stop on Millbrook. This will create a safer environment for our pick ups and drop off points.
  • Cathedral lot closes at 10 p.m. on weekdays and is not available for parking on weekends or summer. The shuttle will not go to Cathedral from Compass Route during these times.
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