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PowerPlay: A Journal of Educational Justice

About PowerPlay

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Thank you for your interest in PowerPlay: A Journal of Educational Justice. This publication is currently on hiatus. Please send all questions and inquires to Dr. Robert Simmons (rwsimmons@loyola.edu).

Mission Statement

PowerPlay: A Journal of Educational Justice is a new, interdisciplinary, online journal with a commitment to urban education, social justice, and the analysis of broad social, political, economic, cultural, and global impacts on education in the U.S. and international contexts. PowerPlay seeks to increase dialogue between policymakers, educators, students, community activists and advocates and to explore the relationships between power, poverty, inequality, race, gender, and rights as embedded in social and educational policy and practice. The Journal prizes diverse and critical voices from the academy and from local, national, and international communities of practice.

Publication Details

  • PowerPlay is published twice yearly in the Summer (August/September) and Winter (February/March).