Loyola University Maryland

Printing and Mail Services

Campus Copiers

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Copiers are located throughout the campus for general use. Each department should designate one person to be the key operator responsible for their copier. These responsibilities would include ordering paper and toner, making sure the copier is not being used by students and requesting preventative maintenance. Do not move copiers. Copiers require special set-up; are connected to the intra-net and are to be moved by qualified technicians only. If a copier must be moved and a technician is not available, please contact the manager of printing and mail services.

A maintenance contract has been arranged for all copiers. When copiers are not in good working order, please follow the instructions on the label attached to the machine and call the vendor listed. These copiers are for your convenience to fulfill small copying needs. Please use Central Duplicating (5104 York Road) for your larger copying needs.