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Current Students: Request an Electronic Transcript

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Current students can request electronic transcripts using Transcripts on Demand via inside.loyola.edu. This method provides a secure system that allows for identification and authentication that you are the source of the electronic request/consent.

Transcripts on Demand (by SCRIP-SAFE) provides 24-hour access to online transcript ordering through a secure website. Transcripts can be delivered electronically to network recipients or any third party outside the network (including yourself). SCRIP-SAFE charges an online processing fee for this service, payable with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Please note:

  • Your transcript is never delivered by e-mail, instead the recipient is notified that your transcript is available for pickup at a specific "one-time" URL identified in the e-mail.

  • Network Delivery: Many colleges, universities, and other agencies are members of this secure network and actively receive electronic transcripts. Please check network recipients to see if your intended destination is a network member.

  • OneTime Delivery: Non-network recipients are designated by you (the requester) and identified by their e-mail address. To ensure prompt delivery and receipt, notify the recipient that you would like to send them an electronic transcript and verify that they are willing to accept it. Also ask the recipient to white list @scrip-safe.com so that e-mails from this account are not caught in spam filters.


  • Transcripts on Demand requests are checked once every business morning on the days that the University is open. When the University is closed, requests will be checked on the next business day that administrative offices are open.

  • Transcripts on Demand orders are processed within 5 business days of the date that they are checked.

  • Include all previous and current programs of study in Dates of Attendance field. Failure to do so will result in the need to request and pay for a new order.


  1. Go to inside.loyola.edu and login.

  2. Under WebAdvisor, click WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Profile > Request an Electronic Transcript to access the Transcripts on Demand secure website.

  3. Follow the Transcripts on Demand instructions, and a confirmation page will appear once your request is submitted.

  4. As your Order Status is updated, you will receive e-mails based on the type of status selected, or you can log into Transcripts on Demand and check Review Past Orders.