Loyola University Maryland

Department of Recreational Sports

Employee of the Month

Employees of the Month

Department of Recreational Sports Student Employee of the Month


Who Is Eligible?

Students who:

  • Hold paid or volunteer positions with the department of recreational sports;
  • Perform above and beyond normal expectations;
  • Adhere to expectations and policies of the department;
  • Have not received a documented incident or performance issue in the current semester; and 
  • Is in good academic and judicial standing with Loyola University Maryland

Current Student Employees of the Month

 Ellie Shirocky


 Photo of Ellie

 Hallie Stacho


 Photo of Hallie

 Carl Gatzendorfer


 Picture of Carl for October

 Mary Glosenger

 November  Photo of Mary

 Zoe Derrickson December  Zoe Derrickson
 Charlotte Dunn January  Charlotte
 Chris Wiener February  Chris photo
 Corey Smith  March  Corey picture
 Jun Lee  April  Jun Lee Photo

Who Can Nominate?

  • Members;
  • Guests;
  • Students (undergraduates, graduates, part-time, full-time); and
  • Other employees and volunteers of recreational sports

More Information

Past Winners 
Student Employee of the Year