Loyola University Maryland

Department of Recreational Sports

Mission & Vision

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Guided by Jesuit values and our commitment to diversity, we are a leading recreation department that inspires the Loyola University students and community by fostering healthy lifestyles through inclusive engagement opportunities that cultivate life-long learning.


Driven by our commitment to excellence, the Department of Recreational Sports at Loyola University Maryland will be exemplary in: 

 • Designing and implementing programs that support healthy lifestyles and academic success 

 • Promoting the personal and professional development of our students and department employees

 • Advancing a distinguished facility in its operations, services, and aesthetics

 • Capitalizing on sustainability opportunities to include environmental, fiscal, and social responsibilities 

 • Cultivating an environment for diversity, inclusion, and cultural engagement 

 To this end, we hold one another accountable to achieve these ideals, thereby creating a dynamic culture designed to care for the whole of all persons.