Loyola University Maryland

Department of Recreational Sports

2011-2012 Champions

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Men's Fall '11:  The Bernies
Coed Fall '11:  Strawberry Milk Bunnies

Men's Spring '12:  Eder
Coed Spring '12:  turkey@hotmail.com

Outdoor Soccer

Men's Fall '11:  Hammer Gang
Coed Fall '11:  We're Gettin' Shirts

Indoor Soccer

Men's Fall '11: The Snussers
Coed Fall '11:  El Pollo Loco

Men's Spring '12:  The Snussers
Coed Spring '12:  El Pollo Loco

Golf Scramble

Fall '11:  Matt Pallis and Paul Wontroski

Spring '12: Mike Drake and Andrew Haddy


Men's Fall '11:  Stacked Bundles
Coed Fall '11:  Keane Sense

Men's Comp Spring '12:  Stacked Bundles
Men's Rec Spring '12:  TJ's Team
Coed Spring '12:  Langin' and Bangin'


Coed Fall '11:  Joe Blobs


Coed Fall '11:  The Volleybrawlers

Coed Comp Spring '12:  Can You dig It
Coed Rec Spring '12:  The Playaz

Flag Football

Rec Division Fall '11:  Fresh Meat
Competitive Fall '11:  NARP Nightmare

Coed Basketball Winners