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Outdoor Adventure Pre-Fall Program

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Pre-Orientation Backpacking

“I will describe the trip as a wonderful adventure that gave me 13 new friends.  It was the best thing to do before school starts.”

The Outdoor Adventure Pre-Fall Program is a multi-day wilderness experience for incoming first-year students. Students will develop lasting friendships, ease the transition to college, and have fun.

Students are placed in a group with 8 to 12 fellow first-year students. Each group is led by upper-class student leaders. This small group size allows participants to get to know one another through casual conversation, games, and adventure activities that will create a bond to carry them through their time at Loyola.

To ease the often uncomfortable transition to college life, the instructor teams will field questions and lead discussions on the issues and apprehensions (both academic and social) that are often on the first-year student's mind. The leader teams will also discuss campus services, clubs, and ways to get involved.

OAE realizes that, for many students, this will be their first time in the outdoors. Therefore, each trip is designed to explore the parallels between this new experience and the one awaiting them at Loyola.


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