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Asia Blackwell

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October 2013 - Asia Blackwell

Employee of the month Asia

Asia Blackwell always comes to work with a positive attitude, genuine willingness and enthusiasm.  In challenging situations, she handles herself with poise and maturity and is able to laugh about it afterward---never taking any of the challenges personally or with undue stress.
Asia is a confident problem solver, independent learner and most importantly interesting, funny and an enjoyable young adult.  When she is in the Member Services office, the energy is upbeat and productive! 
Asia is a mature role model for her peers.  She asserts herself by offering new ideas and constructive suggestions to improve performance at the Welcome Desk and Member Services.  Asia openly and consistently communicates with fellow student workers and Recreational Sports staff and steps right up as a leader whenever asked.  The Welcome Desk and Member Services departments at the Fitness and Aquatic Center are grateful to Asia for all her hard work!