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Conference on Leading Magis

Rooted in our Jesuit values, this leadership development opportunity will infuse Magis and capture the notion of striving toward excellence and the constant challenge to improve. The conference seeks to help answer two important questions posed to our students: Who am I as a leader? And how can I be the best possible contributor to leadership? Participants will explore leadership as an identity and relational process by which they engage for and with others. Leading Magis will challenge each participant to be the best, and most authentic contributors to the communities to which they belong and choose to serve. This opportunity will be geared toward first-years, sophomores and juniors who have varied levels of leadership experience.

The Conference on Leading Magis will be held on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at Loyola’s Columbia campus. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please complete your online registration to reserve your spot by Thursday, February 2nd. Please note that you will not be able to register if all spots are taken, please complete the waitlist registration form instead.  


In January, nominated students will be contacted to register. Participating students will be provided transportation. Students will depart at 8:00am from the Evergreen campus and return to the Evergreen campus by 5:00pm. 


To nominate students, please email studentengagement@loyola.edu with the student’s name, class year and email address. If you are available and interested in helping our students develop their leadership skills and talents, please click here to submit a proposal by Friday, December 9th. To guide the content of breakout sessions, learning and development themes are listed below.


Learning & Development Themes

  • Authenticity: Heighten students’ level of self-awareness, self-confidence, interpersonal and communication skills which allow them to authentically contribute to leadership processes.

  • Intersectionality: Explore how social identity intersects with students’ leadership identity, and impacts their assumptions and perceptions about how they lead and follow.

  • Discernment: Provide strategies for engaging in personal and communal discernment to make meaning from experiences from which they share with others.

  • Broadened view of leadership: Broaden students’ view of leadership that extends beyond a static role and shift their assumptions about being depended on as well as being dependent upon.

  • Diverse perspectives and relationships: Help students’ interact successfully and responsibly with people of different cultures, experiences, viewpoints and values in addition to integrating those different perspectives into one’s personal and community endeavors.

Questions? Contact brcowman@loyola.edu