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Name of Club/Organization

Student President/Moderator


 Adam Smith Economics Society

Student President: Stephanie Hewitt

Moderator: Andrew Samuel

A student-run organization for undergraduate students interested in economics.

Advertising Club/Member of AAF

Student President: Ashley Margraf

Moderator: Gregory Hoplamazian

Student-run club that works on advertising projects for experience with producing ad campaigns.
Alpha Delta Sigma

Student President: Ashley Margraf

Moderator: Gregory Hoplamazian

Advertising Honor Society

Alpha Iota Delta

Moderator: Lisa Yeo

Decision Sciences and Information Systems Honor Society

Alpha Kappa Delta

Moderator: Contact Sociology Department, x2742 Sociology Honor Society

Alpha Psi Omega

Moderator: Stuart Dawkins

Theater Honor Society

Alpha Sigma Nu

Moderator: Rev. Frank Haig, SJ

Honorary Society of Jesuit colleges and universities

Apprentice House Book Publishing Club

Moderators: Kevin Atticks, Gregg Wilhelm

A student-staffed book publishing company offering students critical experiential learning opportunities.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Student President: Rachel Fraczkowski

Moderator: David Binkley
An association for all those interested in scientific computing machinery.

Beta Alpha Psi

Student President: Jordan Sowinski

Moderators: John Peter Krahel, Frank Izzo

Accounting Honorary and Service Society, Eta Upsilon Chapter. 

Beta Gamma Sigma

Student President: Mike Pirozzi

Moderators: Karyl Leggio, Jan O'Brien 410-617-2510

Business Honor Society

Biology Club Student President: Kevin Molyneux

Moderator: Rebecca Brogan
Fostering an awareness and appreciation of the biological sciences, regardless of major.

Chemistry Club

Student Presidents: Christian Lewis, Andrea Hartman

Moderator: Birgit Albrecht

Stimulating interest in chemistry among the Loyola undergraduate population.

Classics Club

Student President: Natalie Tsottles

Moderator: David Jacobson

Loyola εκκλησια seeks to foster a love and awareness for classical antiquity.

Education Ambassadors

Student President: Jacquelyn Hotchkiss

Moderators: Dana Reinhardt, Elizabeth Trimmer

Representing the undergraduate School of Education program at public activities (speaker series, Campus Days, etc.).

Education Society

Student Presidents: Molly King, Kaitlyn Hammel, Meghan Chong

Moderator: Debbie Anthony

Working through the School of Education to help plan events, working with each other and the greater community.

Education Student Action Team

Student President: Anne Bolan

Moderator: Cathy Castellan

Coordinating programs and social events for faculty, staff and students in the Department of Education as well as within the local Baltimore community.

Student Presidents:  Luke Wagoner, Jesse Garbacz

Moderator:  Paul Tallon

Providing students with real opportunities to work on business projects that positively impact our community.
Engineering Club

Student President: Kate Lenz

Moderator: Robert Pond

Provides venues for social, academic, outreach and job pursuits related to engineering.
Eta Sigma Phi Moderator: Martha Taylor Classics Honorary Organization

Financial Management Assn. (FMA)

Student President: Victoria Barney

Moderator: Tugsjargal Chuluun

FMA encourages and recognizes academic excellence in the finance field, bridging the gap between finance theory and practice.

Forensic Organization

Student President: Jay Hayes

Moderators: David Rivers, Marianna Carlucci

Fostering further learning and professional development for students interested in forensic studies.
Forensics Society     

Student President: Victoria Barney

Moderator: Elliott King

Competing nationwide in speaking and debate tournaments.

French Club

Student President: Kaitlyn Higgins

Moderator: Andrea Thomas

For anyone interested in the French language and culture, the group plans events to indulge one's inner Francophile.

Global Studies Club

Student President: Victoria Lukacs

Moderator: Dennis McCornac

A group for students interested in global studies that sponsors meetings and events.

GreyComm Studios

Student President: Stephen Celano

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore

 A multi-media production facility providing students an opportunity to gain experience in broadcast and media production.

Information Systems Student Organization

Student President: Doug D'Angelo

Moderator: Lisa Yeo

The ISSO aims to educate students on how to leverage technology in a business setting.

Institute of Management Accountants

Student President: John Cuyulis

Moderator: Ali Sedaghat

Promoting the Managerial Accounting profession on campus.

Kappa Delta Pi

Moderator: Maryanne Ralls 

Education Honorary Organization

Lambda Pi Eta

Moderator: Elliot King

Communications Honorary Organization 

Loyola Marketing Association (LMA)

Student President: Caitlin Cronin

Moderator: Fred Fusting

Furthering the professional development of Marketing students through activities and leadership training.

Mathematics and Statistics Club

Student President: Kathleen Hanger

Moderator: Timothy Clark

Creating opportunities for students interested in mathematics and statistics to get together outside of the classroom, promoting an intellectual and engaging environment.

Model UN Club Student President: Andrew Gerrity

Moderator: Carston Vala
Participating in mock United Nations with the intent of educating students on foreign affairs and developing public speaking skills.

Mu Kappa Tau

Moderator: Rick Klink

Marketing Honorary Society

NSSLHA (Speech-Language Hearing Assn.)

Student Presidents: Tara Lopez, Ariana Azzato

Moderators: Lisa Schoenbrodt, Kathleen Ward

Working to improve members' academic knowledge within the field of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Moderator: Nancy Williams

Economics Honor Society

Phi Alpha Theta

Student President: Cassie Passarella

Moderator: Jane Edwards

History Honor Society

Phi Beta Kappa


Liberal Arts and Sciences Honor Society

Phi Lambda Upsilon

Moderator: Brian Barr

Chemistry Honor Society

Philosophy Club

Student Presidents: Benjamin Murdy, Nicholas Johnston

Moderator: Bret Davis

Fostering intellectual discussions about topics on the forefront of philosophy in an informal atmosphere.

Phi Sigma Iota

Moderator: Eston Teter

Foreign Language Honor Society

Phi Sigma Tau

Moderator: Bret Davis

Philosophy Honor Society

Physics Club Student President: Tim Rogers

Moderator: Joseph Ganem
Encouraging Loyola community members to have fun with physics outside of the classroom and inspire others to learn more about physics.

Pi Delta Phi

Moderator: Margaret Haggstrom

French Honor Society

Pi Epsilon Pi

Moderator: Lisa Zimmerelli

Writing Honor Society

Pi Mu Epsilon

Moderator: Dipa Sarkar-Dey

Mathematics HonorSociety

Pi Sigma Alpha

Moderator: Doug Harris

Political Science Honor Society

Pi Sigma Epsilon Student President: Jessica Maitner

Moderator: Marie Yeh
A national professional co-ed organization for sales, marketing and management.

Pre-Dental Society

Student President: Juliana Restivo

Moderator: Theresa Geiman

Supporting undergraduate students interested in the profession of dentistry.

Pre-Health Society

Student President: Kathleen Wortmann

Moderator: Ilona McGuiness

A student group that informs undergraduates about different health professions and achieving related educational goals.

Pre-Law Society

Student President: Chika Dunga

Moderator: William Kitchin

A student-run organization for undergraduates interested in the legal field and attending law school.

Pre-Nursing Society

Student President: Emily Anne Palmer



PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America)

Student President: Alayna Shamy

Moderator: Karen Smedley

For students interested in public relations and communications, the group nurtures generations of future professionals.

Psi Chi

Student President: Eric Cunningham

Moderator: Marianna Carlucci

Psychology Honor Society

Psychology Club

Student President: Laura Andrews

Moderator: Theresa DiDonato 

Engaging students in psychology-related events outside of the classroom and supporting mental illness awareness.
PURSUE: Psychological Understanding Research Studies & Undergraduate Experimentation

Student Presidents: William Mitchell, Eric Cunningham

Moderators: Jason Prenoveau, Marianna Carlucci

Dedicated to the production, consumption, analysis, and appreciation of psychological research.

Scientista Foundation

Student Presidents: Samantha Minikel, Kathryn Short

Moderator: Theresa DiDonato

Empowering women to pursue careers in the sciences, technology, and engineering.

Sigma Delta Pi

Moderators: Tasha Lewis, Yolopattli Hernandez-Torrez

Spanish Honor Society. 

Sigma Iota Rho

Moderator: Dennis McCornac

Global and International Studies Honor Society

Sigma Pi Sigma

Moderator: Rev. Frank Haig, S.J.

Physics Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta

Moderator:  Giuseppina Iacono Lobo

English Honor Society

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Student President: Megan Gansfuss

Moderator: Raenita Fenner

A group which stimulates women to fulfill their potential in engineering and related technical fields.

Sociology Club

Student Presidents: Joseph Kropff, Rachel Peichert

Moderator: Michelle Gawerc

Serving as an outlet where Sociology majors and minors can learn about their various interests in society.

Spanish Club

Student President: Sabrina Jamiel

Moderator: Sarah Vitale

Promoting cultural awareness of and appreciation for the Spanish language.

Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology Honor Society

Student President: Kimberly Sebzda

Moderators: Kathleen Ward, Lisa Schoenbrodt


Student Council for Exceptional Children Student President: Shannon Lyons

Moderator: Cathy Rosensteel
The SCEC volunteers with and raises money for children with disabilities and the schools they attend.

Theta Alpha Kappa

Moderator: Stephen Fowl

Theology Honor Society

Tri Beta (Theta Chi)

Student President: Kevin Molyneaux 

Moderator: Rebecca Brogan

Biology Honor Society

Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Student President: David Christo

Moderator: Megan  Olsen

 Computer Science Honor Society

 Urban Needs In Teacher Education (UNITE)

Student Presidents: Anne Bolan, Gena Stenger

Moderator: Robert Simmons

Preparing students for the challenges of teaching in urban high-needs schools.

Women's Pre-Health Society

Student President: Nicole Merklinger

Moderator: Kathy Zulty

An organization for women interested in health related careers.

WLOY Radio

Student President: Kate Marshall

Moderator: John Devecka

A student-run radio station, providing entertainment through radio programming and events.