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Ad Infinitum


ConnectionThe Ad Infinitum Sophomore Community is an intentional community designed to support around 60 sophomores during their sophomore-year journey.  Ad Infinitum is a place where you can find support from the office of student life, the office of student engagement and your peers.  Support comes through a host of community programs addressing issues such as studying abroad, career and internship exploration, strengthening friendships, personal reflection, spiritual guidance and vocational discernment. The goal of Ad Infinitum is simple, yet powerful – we want you and your friends to live and learn better together.

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Visit the office of student life's web page for more information about Ad Infinitum and how to apply.

Student Testimonials

"This community has really made my sophomore year; the transition from first year to second year was harder than expected and Ad Infinitum really helped guide me through it!” (2011-2012 resident)

“Ad Infinitum has just added on to my belief that Loyola was exactly the right place for me. What other schools offer this kind of unique experience for sophomores? When I talk to my friends at other schools they don’t have anything like this.” (2011-2012 resident)

“I love Loyola for offering the program. It's my best decision I have ever made so far.” (2011-2012 resident)