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Student Engagement

SophoMORE Supper

Students at table

ReflectionTwice in the Spring semester, select students are invited to a SophoMORE Supper by personal invitation in their mailstop. Each SophoMORE Supper features a sit-down, three-course meal featuring a speaker from the Loyola community who shares his/her story of discernment. Sometimes these stories feature a difficult decision regarding the speaker’s career; other times the decision revolves around friends or relationships. The evening provides invitees an opportunity to connect with other sophomores, gain perspective on their own decisions, and connect with a faculty, administrator, or Jesuit at Loyola.

SophoMORE Supper is offered twice during the Spring semester and personal invitations are typically sent out two weeks prior to the Supper. If you would like your name added to the invitation list for the next SophoMORE Supper, please reach out to Christopher Nicolas at cjnicolas@loyola.edu to request an invitation.

Student Testimonials

“I am so glad I went, it helped me relax a little and not think about school work, meet new people and the food was great.” (2010-2011 attendee)

“I was invited and I read the description about discernment and I was very excited! This dinner came at the perfect time for me because I had a lot of discerning to do!!!” (2011-2012 attendee)