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RoadTrip Students

ReflectionOne of our most popular and longest running programs, RoadTrip takes you away for a fun and relaxing weekend retreat. Founded on the Ignatian spiritual traditions, RoadTrip is an experience designed to help students evaluate and discern their life purpose through the exploration of personal experiences. RoadTrip is the beginning of a life-long journey for sophomores to discover their sources of joy, realize where their gifts and talents lie, and identify how they can give back to others. RoadTrip helps sophomores strengthen connections with peers and mentors and emphasizes the role Loyola’s Jesuit education plays in guiding them to live as men and women for and with others.

RoadTrip 2015

Date: Jan. 9 - 11, 2015
Where: Willow Valley Resort in Lancaster, PA (Willow Valley Resort Website)
Cost: $75.00 (please contact us if cost is a concern for you)
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 by 5pm

For more information, stop by the office of student engagement in Seton Court 4508A or email us at: sophomore@loyola.edu

Registration and Forms 

Registration forms for RoadTrip 2015 will be available early in the Fall 2014 semester.

Student Testimonials

“I honestly don’t have words. This was an incredible experience for me!!! I have learned not only about the tool to help with my sophomore struggles! I have been struggling to make good friends, but I have made such a great group and we already have plans to meet up back at school. Thank you for the opportunity to find my passion and zest for life again!” 

“This was one of the most intense, thought-provoking, inspiring and eye opening experiences of my life."

“RoadTrip was truly inspirational and one of the most memorable of retreats in my memory. I cannot stress how eye opening this experience has been for my life.”

“This retreat has allowed me to meet some INCREDIBLE people. I’ve had the opportunity to form friendships in my small group and outside as well.”

“RoadTrip was AMAZING! I’m so happy I came! I learned a lot about myself while here in a healthy, compassionate environment.”