Loyola University Maryland

Student Health and Education Services

Medical Excuse for Class Policy

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  • Please arrange your visit outside of, not during, your scheduled class time.Visit notes are not automatically issued for every visit. 
  • Notes are not given for non-urgent conditions (colds, sore throat, upset stomach, rash, routine appointments/ testing consultations, etc.).  
  • A note will not determine if you will be allowed to make up a missed assignment or if your absence will be officially excused. The decision is solely the responsibility of the instructor.  
  • We do not issue notes for work.  
  • If in our medical opinion, the condition is urgent or serious, a note will be given. Students who choose to visit the Health Center during class time for non-serious conditions will need to discuss the absence with their instructor. 
  • We do not issue visit notes during mid-terms or finals. 
  • You are advised not to miss class waiting to be seen.