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Student Health and Education Services

Clinical Services

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Front View fixedStudent Health and Education Services provides timely, evidence-based management of illnesses and injuries, promotion of active and healthy lifestyles and minimizes preventable illnesses for students.  We provide outpatient ambulatory care in a convenient, confidential setting.  The office is staffed by board-certified nurse practitioners and Sinai Hospital-affiliated physicians.  Our services are designed for continuous management of acute, short-term medical problems, as well as preventative care (i.e. flu clinics/vaccines).  Physical exams, urgent problem visits, management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), consultations, specialist referrals (i.e. dental, orthopedic, surgical, gynecological, dermatological and mental health), immunizations, lab tests, on-site pharmacy, and allergy clinic are provided in a confidential and supportive environment.


waiting roomThe facility includes:
• Fully Equipped Examination Rooms
• Laboratory
• Pharmacy/Dispensary
• Student Resource Center





Eligibility for Care & Fees
• All currently registered students are eligible for care
• Undergraduate students: No visit fee
• Graduate students: $25/per visit 
• Allergy clinic is $50/per semester
• There are some services available for additional fees:
-on-site laboratory tests (i.e. strep/mono tests, urinalysis, nebulizer treatments)
-procedures (i.e. nebulizer treatment/suture removal/ear lavage)
-filling some prescriptions at on-site pharmacy (i.e. commonly used antibiotics/over-the counter medications)
• We currently process insurance claims only for send-out laboratory lab tests 
• Fees can be paid in cash, check or evergreen only