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Area President and Vice President Information

2014 - 2015 Area Leadership

    Campion Tower: Molly Misovic (mgmisovic@loyola.edu) and Olivia Calamia (oncalamia@loyola.edu)

    Charleston Area: Rory O’Gallagher (rjogallagher) and Dylan Thompson (djthompson@loyola.edu)

    Eastside Area:  Molly Ellsworth (mellsworth1@loyola.edu) and Maria Arenas (maarenas@loyola.edu)

    Gardens Area: Michael Kamradt (mckamradt@loyola.edu) and Alex Diefenbach (awdiefenbach@loyola.edu)

    Newman Towers: Anna Evashavik (akevashavik@loyola.edu) and Juliana Sontgerath (jmsontgerath@loyola.edu)

    Hillside Area: Christian Lopez (cjlopez@loyola.edu) and Alyah Kanso (askanso@loyola.edu)

    Campion First Year Delegate: Christopher Tiffin (cttiffin@loyola.edu)

    Charleston First Year Delegate: Carly Morris (camorris@loyola.edu)

Area Leadership Selection Information

The Residence Hall Association selects a president and vice president from the six residential areas on-campus: Campion, Charleston, Eastside, Gardens, Hillside, and Newman.  A first year representative is also selected from the Campion and Charleston Areas.  All interested students apply for their respective area through an electronic application available on our website www.loyola.edu/rha.  Each student will have the opportunity to fill out an application of interest, which will include the names of the individuals running for President and Vice President.  Each application of interest must have a President and Vice President.  All applications are reviewed by the Residence Hall Association’s executive board members for selection.  The appointed pair will then select their own area leadership team and recruit general members from their area.  If you have any questions please e-mail rha@loyola.edu.

The 2014 First Year Representative/Hillside President & Vice President Timeline:

The selection process for the Hillside President & Vice President is currently open.  The President & Vice President lead the Hillside Area Leadership Team (Flannery O'Connor, Butler & Hammerman) which serves as the offical voice and representation for residential area interests to the Executive Board, the Director of Student Life, and the Loyola University Administration.  The Area Leadership Team promotes student involvement by offering programs and social events to the residential students living in the Hillside Area.  The President & Vice President solicit and appoint members to their Leadership Team, hold weekly meetings, and attend the weekly RHA Executive Board meeting with the Executive President.

The selection process for the Campion First Year Representative and the Charleston First Year Representative is also currently open.  Along with being an active member of their respective Area Leadership Teams, the First Year Representative also serves as the offical first year student liaison for their area to the Executive Board, attending the Weekly RHA Executive Board meeting with the Executive President as a voting member of the Board.

If you have any questions about the leadership position or the application process please contact any current RHA member or come by our table at the Activities Fair Tuesday September 9th!

Hillside President & Vice President Application

Charleston and Campion First Year Representative Application

Applications Due: September 12, 2014

Positions Offered: September 15, 2014