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Loyola University Maryland and the Office of Student Life believe that living on campus is a beneficial option for students because research has shown a positive effect on the student experience.  However, living off-campus can also provide a great experience and stepping stone to gaining the responsibilities that accompany housing many students obtain after graduating from Loyola.  The Office of Student Life is the primary contact for students considering living off-campus and students currently living off-campus. 

When choosing to live off-campus, students must comply with the following terms of the covenant between Loyola University Maryland and the North Baltimore Neighborhood Coalition regarding off campus dwellings: Loyola agrees to prohibit non-residential commuter students from residing in dwellings located in the following neighborhoods: Blythewood, Guilford, Evergreen, Homeland, Kernewood, Keswick, Radnor-Winston, Roland Park, Roland Springs, Tuscany-Canterbury, and Wyndhurst unless:

  • The dwelling was originally designed as an apartment style residence; or
  • The student lives with a relative; or
  • The student lives with a friend of the student's family.

Loyola University Maryland will consider students living in the prohibited areas to be in violation of these guidelines. The University may treat these violations as cases of misconduct and may require such students to obtain new housing, either on or off campus, as determined by the University. Loyola will not be responsible to any students or parents of students for claims by any landlord if such students are required to relocate. It is the student's responsibility to check the status of their potential rental with the University prior to signing a lease. If there are questions regarding this service, please contact David Tiscione in the Office of Student Life at Loyola University Maryland at 410-617-2918 or dmtiscione@loyola.edu.

Undergraduate students planning to live off-campus are required to register their local address before the start of classes.  The address collection process takes place over the summer and all students without on campus housing will receive information via email regarding this process.  If a student has not registered their address or needs to change their off campus address, they should contact David Tiscione.

For information on options for living off-campus, visit our Off-Campus Living Options web page.  The Off-Campus Living Guide web page is also a great resource to help students adjust to living off-campus.