Loyola University Maryland


Chapel, tree, and sky

When people think about sustainability, they often think about going green. But sustainability is so much more than that! It’s about reversing our negative impact on the planet. It’s about buying into the local economy instead of just the global, or even national, economy. Sustainability ensures that every one of us leads a life that does not negatively impact the lives of others.

Sustainability is social justice. Sustainability is the Jesuit way.

Here are Loyola, we address sustainability in a number of different ways. From our green energy programs, recycling and composting, and other initiatives, we address the environmental impact that modern living has on our planet. Our community garden, located just behind Avila Hall, allows students to interact with their food and harvest their own crops. The Govanstowne Farmers’ Market runs every summer, beginning in June, and brings fresh, local produce to the community. The Good Stuff Campaign, a campus wide collection of personal and household items. All items donated during this event avoid heading to the landfill and instead go into the home of someone who needs it.

There are lots of ways to get involved in sustainability at Loyola. Where will you make your mark?