Loyola University Maryland


Environmental Clubs and Organizations

Environmental Action Club

The Environmental Action Club is an organization whose main goal is promoting the ‘go green’ initiative on campus. The club educates the students on environmental issues and supports green causes.

Student President: Alex Torres*

Mission Integration Sustainability Board

A network of environmentally conscious students working to advance sustainability at Loyola through education, events, and grassroots activism. Headquaters is Campus Ministry, Cohn Hall 101. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

Advisor: Father Brown tbrown@loyola.edu

Loyola Agricultural Society

The Loyola Agricultural Society is an organization that formed in 2014. The Loyola Agricultural Society aims to utilize Loyola’s unused land patches and transform them into functioning gardening areas where all students can plant, nurture, and harvest a variety of vegetables or plants for various intentions.

Student President: Maybe you? (Currently not active, but our community garden is still open to student clubs)

Outdoor Adventure Experience

Outdoor Adventure Experience is a program offered through the department of recreational sports. There are multiple types of trips available for students to participate in, from weekend and team building trips to the week-long Discovery excursion.

Student Leader: Kristin Newland