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Clean Energy

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Energy Management

Energy usage is currently a leading contributor to the University’s greenhouse emissions. In order to begin reducing our energy consumption campus wide, we implemented an energy management plan in 2009. The plan outlines guidelines that are to be followed campus wide, by faculty, staff, administration, and students in order to ensure that we are decreasing our impact on the environment and reducing our energy use.

Read our Energy Management Plan

Loyola also participates in the Emergency Load Response Program (ELRP). Through this program, Loyola and other areas schools volunteer to reduce energy consumption during periods of high stress on the Mid-Atlantic grid.

Clean Energy Initiatives

Loyola has invested in several green energy programs in the past few years and we hope to increase the amount of clean energy sources on campus in the coming years.

Flannery O’Connor Hall:

  • Geothermal energy system
  • Green roof to reduce heat absorption and increase water retention

Solar Panels:

  • Butler Hall roof