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Composting and Recycling

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Composting started at Loyola in Spring 2014 with a local company called Waste Neutral. Dining Services has started composting all waste from their kitchens and has installed bins in the dining area for students to get rid of their food waste. Composting is currently only available in the Boulder Garden Café but will be moving to Iggy’s should Boulder’s program be successful.

Every month, Loyola’s Dining Services department receives reports from Waste Neutral detailing the amount of food waste we sent to the compost heap. See our tracking report and the annual composting report.

What can be composted?


Loyola recently switched to a single stream recycling system back in 2006. “Single Stream” recycling is different from traditional recycling in that all recyclable materials can be placed in a single bin and do not need to be separated.

Every week, Loyola’s Facilities department receives reports from Allied Waste, our waste management company, that details the amount of landfill waste and recycling that Loyola generated that week. We compile these reports into monthly pieces that we share with the Loyola community. See the most recent waste/recycling report.

What can be recycled?