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Green Office Program

Grassy Quad

The Green Office Program is a voluntary certification program and support network created to help offices live out the Jesuit mission through sustainable initiatives in their workplace. 

The goals of the program are to:

  • Recognize and reward offices for their commitment to sustainability. 
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the university.
  • Increase awareness of sustainability and integrate sustainability into the campus culture.
  • Create a network for green offices on campus.

Program Information and Application 

We welcome and encourage all Loyola offices to get involved in the Green Office Program.  To get started, please review the program information and schedule an orientation with sustainability staff by emailing sustainability@loyola.edu. We will answer your questions, provide technical support, and help your office identify and achieve sustainability goals. 

*Please do not print out the program materials. The entire program file can be viewed, edited, and saved electronically. 

Participating Offices

* indicates a veteran office that would like to assist in new office orientation