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Green Office Program

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Offices that want to be recognized for their efforts are welcome to join the Green Office Program. Each office designates one Green Office Representative (or “Go Rep”) who serves as the liaison between sustainability staff and their department.

Each new office receives a packet that allows them to determine what sustainable actions they are already taking in their department and provides suggestions for some goals to reach for over the course of the fiscal year. Each participating office receives an exit survey at the end of the year along with a renewal packet, allowing them to declare their goals for the new year and reflect on the previous one. Each office is also signed up for the monthly Go Rep newsletter.

Offices that strive for Green Office Certification are certified at three separate levels, Seedling, Sapling, and Evergreen. As offices complete more sustainable tasks, they are eligible to move up. Offices can also track their progress in separate sustainability areas. These areas include: recycling, energy, transportation, purchasing, community, social justice, food, and innovation. The badges assigned in these levels are determined by the percentage of items completed in each category.

New offices are given any help they might need throughout the process. Sustainability staff is ready and willing to answer questions, provide materials, and present information to offices as requested. There are also a few veteran offices who are excited to work with new departments and introduce them to our system.

Participating Offices

* indicates a veteran office that would like to assist in new office orientation

Program Information and Application 

We welcome and encourage all Loyola offices to get involved in the Green Office Program.  To get started, please review the program information and schedule an orientation with sustainability staff by emailing sustainability@loyola.edu. We will answer your questions, provide technical support, and help your office identify achievable sustainability goals. 

*Please do not print out the program materials. The entire program file can be viewed, edited, and saved electronically. 

End of Year Survey

At the end of each fiscal year, complete this survey about your experience in the program this year. This will allow you to anonymously reflect on your contact with the sustainability staff, other participating offices, and the progress that you made over the course of the year.

No information will be tied back to representatives, offices, or departments. Any information provided in these surveys will be to better the program for the coming years.