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Loyola Recycles

Loyola Recycles

Loyola University Maryland collects single stream recycling in all operational, academic and residential buildings. 

Single stream recycling is collected from exterior containers by our partner, Waste Management, and hauled to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Elkridge, Maryland to be processed, baled and sold.

Recycle Often

The success of Loyola's single stream recycling program relies on community participation. Every time you recycle, Loyola recycles. Please always sort recyclable items from general waste to contribute to waste reduction and recycling on campus.  

Accepted Recyclables

Plastic and Glass Bottles  Plastic and glass beverage bottles and glass and plastic jars. Lids and caps also accepted.
Food and Beverage Cans  Aluminum and tin cans, including soda cans, soup cans, tuna cans, bean cans.
Paper and Cardboard  Clean cardboard and loose paper including envelopes with windows, stapled documents, glossy magazines and cartons.
Plastic Containers

 Narrow neck plastic containers including containers for dish soap, milk jugs, juice containers, shampoo and laundry detergent.

PLEASE DO NOT RECYCLE  Plastic bags, plastic films, food, food soiled items, liquids, tissues, paper towels, coffee cups, Starbucks cups, large rigid plastics such as buckets or chairs.

Recycle Right

Paper, plastics, glass, and metals are separated at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) using a combination of manual handling and mechanical technology. Unfortunately, MRF workers and machine systems are often significantly disrupted by contaminants entering the facility.  Please Recycle Right to reduce disruptions at MRF. Please rinse containers of all food residue, only recycle approved items and ensure recycling is clean, loose and dry.


Please do not put any waste items into any recycling bin or exterior recycling container. Just one trash or waste item can contaminate an entire recycling bin or an entire recycling dumpster. Recycling that is contaminated with food, liquids or non-recyclable material will be rejected by the recycling facility and sent to the landfill for disposal.


General Community Resources

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Elkridge Materials Recovery Facility

Electronic and Hazardous Waste

Email EHS@loyola.edu to schedule pick up.