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Loyola Unplugged

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Unplugged LogoLoyola Unplugged is an annual energy reduction competition hosted through Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN). Loyola Unplugged started in 2014 and ran for three weeks between March and April. In its first year, Loyola Unplugged ran between the residence halls, with Claver Hall taking first place. We are also able to run the competition between academic/departmental buildings or against another campus, options we are considering for future competitions.

Competing in Loyola Unplugged or just trying to save energy? Look at our energy saving guides!

2014 Competition

Our 2014 competition was extremely successful. Loyola finished in the top 10 out of 109 participating schools and saved more than 130,000kWH of electricity. Claver Hall finished first with a 55.7% energy reduction, followed by Tantallion Court and Gallagher Court.