Loyola University Maryland

Technology Services

Current Technology Services Projects

  • Reporting Readiness
  • Lync Loyola - Phase III
  • Online Timekeeping
  • Slate CRM Implementation
  • Fusion Software for the FAC
  • Terra Dotta Software for International Programs
  • Mac Enhancements
  • Clinical Video Observation System
  • ITSM Implementation & Enhancement 
  • Windows 10/ Office 365 Pro Plus
  • Operation Sunset
  • Managed Print

Reporting Readiness

Improved reporting capabilities in alignment with new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). For questions, please contact Scott Sax.

Lync Loyola - Phase III

Cost reduction through the replacement and retirement of the aging PBX with Voice over IP telephony services utilizing the Internet & Loyola's data network. For questions, please contact Louise Finn.

Online Timekeeping

Implementation of physical time clocks, electronic time entry, and electronic leave reporting to support efficiencies campus wide, especially in the Human Resources and Payroll offices.  For questions, please contact Jessica Smith.

Slate CRM Implementation

Undergraduate Admission - Completed 
Graduate Admission - Completed

Undergraduate and Graduate admission offices will be implementing a new enrollment management system that will improve recruitment, communication and event management. For questions, please contact Jessica Smith.

Fusion Software

Improved operating and management software for the Fitness and Aquatic Center. For questions please contact Scott Sax.

Terra Dotta Software for International Programs

The International Programs Office is looking to decrease liability risk, be more competitive, provide better metrics and make data driven decisions by having a centralized system to manage all of International Programs and better track our participating students.  For questions please contact Gretchen Cannon.

Mac Enhancements

Implementing better management controls, deployment solution and security configurations will provide compliance with our security policies, allow Technology Services to provide better and faster support to end users, and ensure that we are positioned for the future as new technologies are released. For questions please contact Elena Bozylinski.

Clinical Video Observation System

The Loyola Clinical Centers depends on video and audio recording technology for clinical and classroom skills assessment and improvement.  Live video broadcasting and video recording is needed to train Psychology, Speech Language Pathology and Literacy students and to comply with accreditation standards. This project will upgrade and consolidate aging hardware and disparate applications into one centralized, professional and reliable service for these types of use at Loyola. For questions, please contact Gretchen Cannon.

ITSM Implementation & Enhancement

To implement a modern IT service management system that adopts best practices, enables employee productivity and speed to resolution. For questions please contact Elena Bozylinski.


Windows 10 / Office 365

To update Loyola PCs to modern operating system and productivity software. For questions please contact Elena Bozylinski.

Operation Sunset

Creation of guidelines for the retirement of Loyola systems as well as the actual retirement of certain systems outlined in the scope of the project. For questions please contact Aaron Eddy

Managed Print

Managed printing offers a consolidated approach to campus print/copy/fax/scan needs by leveraging volume across multiple units and departments. For questions please contact Jessica Smith