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Technology Services Summer 2016 Projects

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Each of these pieces of our user experience were upgraded or added during the summer to make your work at Loyola more productive. Click the piece to learn more. 


InsideLoyola/Sharepoint Secure File Storage Duo Panopto Workspace Office 365 Poll Everywhere Loyola Home Page

For Faculty

Moodle Migration


Loyola transitioned to a new, cloud-based hosting vendor for Moodle. Faculty and students will both benefit from this move. Moodle will work as easily on a smartphone as it does on a laptop today and more digital tools (e.g. Adobe Connect) will be available inside Moodle. For questions, please contact Tracy McMahon.

DSS Testing Lab


Disability Support Services will expand the number of testing workstations equipped with adaptive technology (such as screen readers or voice recognition software). For questions, please contact Marcia Wiedefeld.

Teacher Workstation Upgrades


Instructor workstations across all three Loyola campuses will be upgraded to include Panopto which can be used for capturing lectures as well as digital presentation materials.
Each workstation model is an “all in one”---with functionality completely contained within the monitor. For more information, please contact Tom Wilson.

For Faculty/Admin/Staff

Office 365: Email Migration

Underway to be completed by August 15

All faculty and staff email will be upgraded to Office 365. For more information, contact Pat Donohue.

Inside Loyola/SharePoint Upgrade

July 28

SharePoint, the system that the Inside Loyola portal and all team sites are built in will be upgraded. For more information, please contact Gretchen Cannon.

New features include:

Improved Search

Searching for an item is much faster and easier. When searching by key word, you can hover over each item in the search results and see a preview of that item without having to click on it. For example, if an item in the list is a Word document, you will be able to see the document just by hovering the mouse over it and then you can decide whether this is what you are looking for before clicking on it.  


July 28

Anywhere Apps (Citrix) will be replaced by Loyola Workspace for secure remote access to university applications and services.

Secure File Storage

July 28

Secure file storage will be available in Workspace for saving and working with sensitive university data.

SciQuest eProcurement

Kicks off May 10, soft launch summer

Loyola is implementing a centralized electronic procurement system for the university. Features of the new system will include online shopping using approved vendors, requisition and purchase order creation/tracking and encumbering of budget funds. For questions, Mike Mansfield.

ImageNow Upgrade


ImageNow, Loyola’s Paperless University document imaging and workflow application was upgraded. For questions, please contact Helen Aberle.

Fusion Software

Early Summer

The FAC will be implementing a new facility, program, and membership management system. For information, please contact Scott Sax.

Slate CRM Implementation

Undergraduate Admission-August
Graduate Admission-January

Undergraduate and Graduate admission offices will be implementing new enrollment management tracking systems. For questions, please contact Jessica Smith.