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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Smart Printing?

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked Smart Printing questions at Loyola.

Device Questions

Can Konica devices handle high volume envelope printing i.e. 250 at a time?

No, Konica devices can handle smaller envelope jobs (i.e. 20 at a time); Recommendation is to keep the printers that are designed for high volume envelope printing

Can we print labels on Konica devices? Do we need special labels?

Yes, you can print labels, but you will need to use labels designed for copiers; labels designed for printers will melt in the Konica device.

Do KM devices print card stock? thicker color paper?

Yes, on thick stock 110 lb. Yes, on colored paper

Can you receive incoming faxes to your email instead of a Konica device equipped with fax capability?

No, not currently.

Can we hook up a KM device using USB connection in case of network outage?

No, not if it is Pharos-enabled. If Pharos is enabled, USB printing will not function when the unit is offline. If the unit is standalone, the USB connection works fine.

How about information that is stored on the printer - how is it secured?

Hard drive is 100 percent clean all the time

What happens if you try to pick up a color print job at a B&W printer?

Is there a notification provided that the device does not print in color? No, there is no notification.

Can we scan to an email other than a Loyola email?

No, our email server only allows relays to @loyola.edu addresses.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble printing?

Contact the Office of Technology Support at x5555 or ots@loyola.edu. Please have the printer ID number available (located on the front of the printer) when you call.

Can you delete jobs from the printer?

Yes, you can. You would select the job then tap Delete.

Can I print from home?

Yes, but you need to use VPN.

How long will my print jobs stay in the print queue?

12 hours for employees and 2 hours for students.

Can I scan in color from a Black and White device?

Yes. When scanning large documents in color however, be aware that there is a file size limitation on Loyola's email server. For large documents, it is recommended that you scan in black and white.

How do I install Employee Printing or Smart Printing on my computer?
If you have a Loyola Windows or PC computer you can use the Software Center to install the correct print queues. Mac users can install the queues from our website.

Billing/Reporting Questions

Frequency of billing?

Reports are available as needed, i.e. monthly, quarterly.  The level of detail in each report varies by type.

Will report show individual usage? Yes

Do we track page sizes?

This information is tracked through the "job attributes" of the system, but is not included in the billing reports.

How do we know if we need to add or decrease budget from our existing department budget?

If you have recently began the Smart Printing program in your department, wait until after the beginning of the semester.  After a few months, you should be able to determine, based on reports, the level of spending on printing and have sufficient time to make budget changes prior to the fiscal year end.

Will it be charged to a budget line?

No, it is charged by user (per the card swipe) and associated department.

Charged for toner?

No, only charged per page for copies and prints (scans are free).

How much are we charged for prints/copies/scans?

There is no charge for scanning. The charges for prints and copies are:

    • B&W: $0.04 per page
    • Color: $0.12 per page

Are you charged per side for double-sided printing? - Yes

Consumable Questions

Is the cost of paper and toner included?

Toner and all supplies are included, however paper is still ordered through Printing Services

How do I order toner for the printer?

You do not need to order toner. The printer will automatically alert our managed print service provider to order toner for the printer. The toner will be delivered to your office by our managed print service provider.

What do I do with used toner cartridges?

Please visit Konica's website to order supplies for safely disposing of toner cartridges and to learn more about Konica's process of recycling used supplies.

How do I order paper for the printer?

Contact Printing and Mail Services at x1132 and they will deliver paper to your office. Printing and Mail Services purchases paper for the University in bulk to ensure the best pricing for paper. The cost for the paper is covered in your printing costs.

We have extra toner cartridges for our HP Laserjet printers and don’t want to see these go to waste. Can we keep using our HP Laserjet printer until the toner runs out?

No. Once a Konica multifunctional printer has been installed and set up for Smart Printing, the HP Laserjet printers will be scheduled for removal. 

Card Swipe Questions

Can we have a generic ID card for copying? Can we get multiple cards for students?

Yes, we can provide 2 cards per department if needed. Refer to Work Study Printing for instructions on how to obtain and use a Work Study Printing ID Card.

I have to print confidential information, does sharing a printer mean that others will see what I print?

You now have the ability to swipe your Evergreen card at the printer to release a job.

How can an Administrative Assistant working for multiple departments charge for copying back to the appropriate department?

The Administrative Assistant can have his/her own Loyola account and card set up to do this. Make a request to the Help Center that your Loyola account be set up to include multiple departments for charge backs (provide list of departments). Once this setup is complete, the individual will swipe their card at the device, choose the department from the list that pops up, then proceed with copying.

How can a work study student working for multiple departments charge the appropriate department for print and copy jobs?

  1. Make a request to the Help Center for a generic department card with multiple departments (provide list of specific departments). 
  2. Request from the Help Center that the "Work Study Printing queue" be installed on the computers that the students will use (provide computer name(s)).
  3. Once setup is complete, print as follows:
    1. Log in with student user name and password
    2. Click file-print from application
    3. Select "Work Study Printing" from list of printers
    4. When a pop-up window appears, enter the username (that the Help Center will provide).  Click OK
    5. Go to printing device, swipe department card; select from the list of departments that appears; then select from list of print jobs.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble printing?

Contact the Help Center at x5555 or ots@loyola.edu. Please have the printer ID number available (located on the front of the printer) when you call.

Is there a way to log in to the printer if I don't have my Loyola ID card?

Yes, you can log in with your Loyola username and password. On the printer, touch the username button or adjacent keyboard icon to bring up the touchscreen keyboard and enter in your Loyola username and password.