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Available Services for Android Devices

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Email allows you to access your Exchange account on your Android device including your email, contacts, and calendar appointments. It is important to note that this is not Outlook, and is a simplified client instead; Outlook has many additional features not available through this client.

What is ActiveSync?

ActiveSync was developed by Microsoft in order to sync email to mobile devices. Both iOS and Android devices currently use ActiveSync to get Loyola email.

Loyola Mobile Security Settings

Starting this summer, having Loyola email on your mobile device will require you to enter a 4-digit passcode to access your device- tablet or mobile phone. A 4-digit passcode is an incredibly important security feature to have enabled on all mobile devices; if your mobile device is ever lost or stolen, having a simple passcode prevents immediate access to Loyola-sensitive data, and any other data you have on the device.

Password Protect Your Device

Setting up a password on your device will give you an extra layer of security to make sure the information on the device is secure.

Travel Tips

Before you go make sure your device is travel ready!

WiFi, 3G/4G and Hotspots

What are the differences between WiFi, 3G and 4G coverage? Are you interested in setting up a mobile hotspot or tethering your smartphone? Find out more.

Retiring Your Device

If you're ready for a new device, make sure that you properly wipe all your data from the old device.


Employees may enroll their devices in AirWatch to add another layer of security. Technology Services will be able to find your device or wipe it if it gets lost or clear the passcode if you forget it.

Possible Apps

Some apps you might want to consider downloading are:
•    Citrix